10 Minute Ab Workout For A Firm, Flat Stomach In 30 Days

Flat abs may be primarily beach body goals, but there are many benefits to having a strong core year-round. Working these muscles will improve your posture, reduce back pain, and help you lose weight overall. However, for an abdominal workout to work, it must be efficient, intensive, and regular. A workout that is short but active will make it easier to burn fat and build muscle quickly. But, you have to commit to ten minutes every day, or every other day if alternated with cardio workouts such as running. This ten-minute workout coupled with a healthy diet will help you lose the excess fat built up on top of your abdominals. You'll work each of these exercises in 30-second intervals (approximately 10 reps) and repeat four times. Wait and see the results within weeks!

Sit Ups

Crunches are the most common exercise to work your core. However, sit-ups provide additional benefits to your lower back, hip flexors, and other core muscle groups that will make it easier to burn calories and fat. Working your lower back and core at the same time will dramatically improve posture and give you the strength to do more intensive workouts later on. However, sit-ups are not easy for most of us. First, you'll want to get the right posture and stabilize your feet with the help of a workout buddy or another prop. If you are still struggling, do as many as you can and then continue with crunches for the remaining 30-second interval.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches help strengthen your lower abdominals and hip flexors. It differs from the traditional crunch in that you lift your hips and legs a few inches off the ground rather than lifting the upper back, bringing your knees closer to the chest. This exercise coupled with situps will give you a comprehensive ab workout of all the major muscle groups, as well as working your lower back. For those of us who sit in an office most of the day, this can reduce back pain caused by inadequate lower lumbar support. Be sure to take a breather in between this and the next exercise, because your abs will already start to feel the burn.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are a balancing act. You'll start by lying on your back, and supporting your head with both your hands. Then, you'll raise one leg and touch the knee with the opposite elbow. You'll then alternate, and will start to "pedal" the feet as if riding a bicycle. These exercises should be done at a quick pace to get the most out of them. You should twist the back and the abs, working those muscles as they stretch and support you. Throughout most of the exercise, you'll be balanced on your butt and lower back, while your legs, upper back, and head are doing all the work.

Leg Lifts

This exercise is similar to the reverse crunch, except that you'll be holding your legs straight up. You'll start lying on the floor, and then lift your straight legs as far up as you can while maintaining correct posture. While this may seem redundant at first, the added weight of your legs in the air will intensify the exercise and give your legs a bit of a workout as well. This exercise can be expanded upon to include crunch variations and the yogic "boat pose," which helps burn fat quickly. However, for strick abdominal workouts the leg lift will work wonders.


Planking isn't just a late 200s fad. It's a very effective exercise in building strength and stamina in the abdomen. To do a plank, you lift your body flat off the ground, stabilized only by your forearms and toes. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to complete your first round of exercises. This pose gives you a breather but is working your core muscles by keeping your body flat and off the ground. Be sure when you do this not to lift your hips too high in the air. Just like the classic push up, you want your body to be parallel to the ground.

Work these five exercises in 30-second reps or in groups of 10 to 20, and rep them for ten minutes in total. You may want to take a 10-second break in between each round, as the workout can get very intense very quickly, especially if you haven't worked these muscles in a while. However, this ten-minute commitment will work wonders on your abs' appearance and your overall core strength. If you want to intensify the workout after 30 days, try adding another cycle of exercises or increase the duration of each. As you work more, they'll get easierand you can increase the workout to 20 or 30 minutes a day and really get the sculpted figure you want!