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The Lion's Mane Fungus: The Memory Mushroom

Most mushrooms are known for their benefits. Medicinal, food, added flavor, or whatever else. Mushrooms have been a huge part of many diets. The newly discovered Lion's Mane mushroom adds to this diet. Continue reading →

The Hidden Toll of Coffee

Everyone drinks it—the night shift, the writer, the insomniac. The sweet nectar of the gods, coffee is one of the most loved and revered drinks in the world. It keeps entire generations grinding through life, but there may be some costs involved. Coffee may be damaging your body. Continue reading →

2 Unexpected Things That Slow Mental Decline

Hearing aids and cataract surgery are generally seen as harbingers of old age. There's even a certain level of stigma surrounding them in some cases. But as paradoxically as it may sound, they actually slow mental decline, according to a new study. Continue reading →

Fight Disease With These Fiber-Rich Foods

Protecting the body from disease and ensuring longevity begins with what we put on our plates. New research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that how we stock our kitchens is far more important than the contents of our medicine cabinets. Prevention against dangerous disease begins with good food choices— and we should be choosing foods high in fiber. Continue reading →

3 Things That Will Make You Avoid Kale

Are you a lover of kale? This leafy green veggie has garnered the love and praise of an abundance of different consumers, whether they be health enthusiasts or just average, everyday persons looking to improve their diet. However, while they are correct about the plant's numerous health benefits, what these kale eaters don't realize is that consuming kale also comes with many downsides. Continue reading →

Have You Been Misinformed About Your Cholesterol Levels?

Heart health has been a hot topic for generations—and there is no surprise as to why. Heart disease is one of the leading killers across the globe, claiming around 17.3 million lives every single year. Continue reading →

ED Isn't Just About Aging, Your Heart Health May Be At Risk?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a growing problem in America. Not only does it concern a man's quality of life as he ages, but it may also be a sign of something more troubling. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease in Baltimore believe they may have found a link between ED and heart disease. Continue reading →

5 Natural Ways to Prevent The Flu

Having the flu is mostly associated with the discomfort of having a blocked nose and steamy eyes. But according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), last year’s flu season killed a staggering 80,000 Americans. Continue reading →

4 Superfoods For People Over Age 50

Unfortunately, age isn't just a number. Getting older comes with various physiological obstacles which often translate into psychological changes as well. Continue reading →

4 Medications Which Can Cause Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is one of the most wide-spread, yet inconspicuous and stealthy side-effects of many medications as people often attribute it to something else. “Medication side effects are a major hidden cause of fatigue, pain and decreased mental clarity,” Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of "From Fatigued to Fantastic," tells Newsmax. Here are four of the medications known to help you at the cost of your energy. Continue reading →

6 Surprising Benefits Of Peppermint Oil

The mint family has long been famous for its invigorating and refreshing qualities, but few people know these properties carry into the medical field. Here are six of the many wide-spanning benefits of peppermint oil— one of the mint family's staples. Continue reading →

Want To Get Better Sleep? Try This Simple Trick

They say you have to turn your mind and electronics off to get rest. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be if you're not attached to the world through your smart device. Let me explain some ways to help you sleep. Continue reading →

It May Be Possible To Reduce Diabetes Risk

The United States has been known for a while as a land of heart disease and obesity but the stereotype is becoming more and more real each day. The risk of diabetes has been growing and growing each passing year but there may be a way to curb that. Continue reading →

Is Your Heart Aging Faster Than The Rest Of You?

There may be a heart risk circling the western world, a risk that could find its way to almost anyone. With increasingly sedentary lives people are beginning to find shorter lives and weaker hearts. This is becoming apparent through studies being done in England with huge sample sizes. Continue reading →

Is Your Heart Aging Faster Than The Rest Of You?

There may be a heart risk circling the western world, a risk that could find its way to almost anyone. With increasingly sedentary lives people are beginning to find shorter lives and weaker hearts. This is becoming apparent through studies being done in England with huge sample sizes. Continue reading →

Tips To Help The Elderly Prevent Falls That Can Injure, Even Kill

Millions of elderly Americans suffer from slip and fall accidents each year. It is estimated that 1 in 3 elderly adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall each year, in which many are seriously injured, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading →

Does Divorce Increase The Risk Of Heart Attacks?

The results of a recent study suggest that heart attack survivors are at an increased risk of having another one if they are either divorced or have a low household income. Continue reading →

You Might Have Diabetes Without Realizing It

Over 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, and over a million new people are diagnosed with it every year. While that number may be shocking, what may be even more shocking is that around 30 percent of adult Americans have diabetes and don't even know it. Considering that it can be a life-threatening disease, it is definitely worth it to figure out if you're one of them. Continue reading →

Best Way to Eat Veggies for Your Mental Health

It's common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are staples to any healthy diet and lifestyle. These foods can aid in everything from weight loss to boosting mental health. What some may not realize, though, is how the preparation and consumption of fruits and vegetables can affect the benefits associated with them. Continue reading →

Studies Are Showing A Link Between Dementia And Air Pollution

In the United States alone, there are over five million people living with some form of dementia. That number is not expected to decrease, especially as the population grows. That means one of six women and one of ten men (over the age of 55) will almost certainly end up with dementia. The question is, what is causing it? Is there any way to stop it? Continue reading →

10 Minute Ab Workout For A Firm, Flat Stomach In 30 Days

Flat abs may be primarily beach body goals, but there are many benefits to having a strong core year-round. Working these muscles will improve your posture, reduce back pain, and help you lose weight overall. However, for an abdominal workout to work, it must be efficient, intensive, and regular. A workout that is short but active will make it easier to burn fat and build muscle quickly. But, you have to commit to ten minutes every day, or every other day if alternated with cardio workouts such as running. This ten-minute workout coupled with a healthy diet will help you lose the excess fat built up on top of your abdominals. You'll work each of these exercises in 30-second intervals (approximately 10 reps) and repeat four times. Wait and see the results within weeks! Continue reading →

Can You Tell the Difference Between Heartburn And A Heart Attack?

A twinge of heartburn and some slight indigestion aren't unusual, especially after a large or greasy meal. But, heartburn and a heart attack often feel very similar, and few people can tell the difference between the two. Continue reading →

Are You At Risk For Stroke?

A stroke is an all too common issue suffered throughout America. The misconception is that only those who have lived extreme lifestyles and the elderly are susceptible to strokes. The alarming fact is that approximately a quarter of the population over the age of 25 will experience a stroke. Continue reading →

Constipation Is More Deadly Than You Think

A natural and seemingly harmless biological function which most people expect to happen on a regular basis can severely complicate life when things get off track. The issue is that constipation is the most common digestive complaint in the U.S. and many people don't bring this to their doctor's attention before the damage happens. Continue reading →

Why Heart Failure Is One Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You

New research exposed that it doesn't matter if you have a strong or weak heart, you're just as likely to decline from heart failure. Patients with varying degrees of heart strength showed similar results, both degenerating mentally and physically after heart failure. Continue reading →

This Blood Pressure Drug Is Very Dangerous

Treating high blood pressure is perhaps one of the most important things a person can do for their body. There are many drugs available on the market created for the purposes of treating high blood pressure. However, it's best to veer on the side of caution when it comes to certain blood pressure drugs. It may mean the difference between life and death. Continue reading →

Funky spunk: how cannabis affects your sperm

It's only natural that when a drug or substance sees wide-ranging use across a population, people will want to learn more about the different effects. With more and more Americans having legal and regular access to cannabis, the microscope of science, which has always kept an eye on the plant, seems to have found something of note in men's reproductive health. Continue reading →