Sick of feeling fat, sluggish, and self conscious?

Maybe you're sick of worrying about how your clothes fit, instead of feeling comfortable no matter what you wear.

Or worrying one day that carrying that extra weight will catch up to you in the form of a heart attack, diabetes, or any of the other many diseases linked to being overweight.

Yet regardless of how much you might want to make a change, chances are your experience is like so many other folks these days:

No matter how many fad diets you try out...

No matter how many exercise gadgets or workout DVDs you buy...

No matter how many calories you limit yourself to on a daily basis...

The number on the scale just doesn't seem to budge.

Or if it does, far too often it's in the wrong direction!

Sound familiar?

Well, before you let yourself get down again, I want you to know there IS some GOOD news:

There is a little-known secret to getting your body to a state where losing weight becomes much easier.

The solution?

Fish oil!

I know that might sound kind of weird or too good to be true, especially if you've always viewed fish oil as a heart, brain, or joint health supplement.

However, there are amazing fat loss benefits found in this pretty potent oil, too!

How is that possible?

Well, cutting edge research has recently discovered there is a direct connection between higher Omega-3 intake and several of the factors responsible for helping you to lose weight.

Factors like a leaner looking belly and body due to increased body fat loss, faster metabolism thanks to helping to increase muscle mass, and even some extra help for controlling your appetite as a result of balanced blood sugar levels.

Breaking research has finally shown a direct link between higher Omega-3 fatty acid intake and factors related to weight loss including slimmer bellies due to increased belly fat loss, speedier metabolism due to increases in lean muscle mass, and even better appetite control.

There are many theories behind why this happens, but here are the three most popular:

1. Omega-3's Help Improve Cell Structure

In order to burn fat, your cells need to be able to use fatty acids and glucose for energy.

This usually happens pretty easily on its own.

However, that's not always the case because sometimes your cells' membranes become rigid, and that stops nutrients from being able to get absorbed and used for energy.

Omega-3's help by maintaining a more "fluid" cell membrane so it's easier for nutrients to pass through and be used inside the cells.

This in turn helps your metabolism in a number of ways:

The nutrients that pass through help to repair and build muscle, allowing for more efficient use of glucose for future use, increased insulin sensitivity, and an increase in the production of Leptin.

2. Better Use Of Fatty Acids

Sometimes there are certain molecules that can PREVENT fatty acids from being burned, and instead, encourage them to be stored as fat.

Omega-3's have been shown to PREVENT fatty acids from being stored as fat.

Instead, the Omega-3's help them to be burned for energy.

3. Activates Your Cells' Fat-Burning Receptors

Certain receptors located on your cells are responsible for monitoring blood sugar and how well your body is metabolizing fatty acids.

When activated, these receptors tell your body to use sugar and fat for energy, and in turn, could help increase overall fat burning.

However, sometimes these receptors do NOT get activated, and the total opposite begins to happen:

Your body starts storing excess glucose as fat, and no longer metabolizes fatty acids as well as it should.

That's where Omega-3's come in:

Studies have shown Omega-3's can reactivate these receptors, therefore restoring the fat burning potential of your body.


If you're looking to lose weight, your body MUST be able to respond to insulin effectively. And your cells' receptors must be functioning normally in order to burn excess blood sugar for energy.

This is why it's encouraged to get a much higher intake of Omega-3's, especially since your body cannot make them on its own.

And unless you plan on eating pounds of fresh fish every day, the most convenient way to get enough Omega-3's is through supplementation.

However, not all Omega-3 supplements are created equally (whether you're talking about fish oil or krill oil).

Many supplement companies use cheap and/or foreign ingredients that are either harmful to your health or do not fully deliver the nutrition they promise on the label.

Contamination and rotten oil is another common issue with Omega-3 supplements.

And many manufacturers use cheap forms of concentration, and don't even include all three Omega-3's: EPA, DHA, and the much rarer DPA that Harvard Health found in a study of 30,000 patients to be the #1 thing in common among those who had the healthiest hearts.

That's why we receommend supplementing with Physio Omega - a complete formula that includes ALL THREE Omegas, derived from only whole, wild-caught Menhaden (the most abundant source of DPA), and molecularly distilled to the highest purity.

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