Why Heart Failure Is One Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You

New research exposed that it doesn't matter if you have a strong or weak heart, you're just as likely to decline from heart failure. Patients with varying degrees of heart strength showed similar results, both degenerating mentally and physically after heart failure.

Heart Failure Is A Leading Cause of Hospitalization

Those with stronger hearts, in fact, revealed that they were more susceptible to depression and reported a lower quality of life. Doctors from the Thomas Jefferson University noted in a news release that heart failure is among the most common causes for hospitalization of the elderly.

Furthermore, the effects of heart failure significantly impact an older adult's independence often sending them into hospice care.

Stronger Heart Doesn't Mean A Better Outcome

Unfortunately for those who had stronger hearts with a more powerful squeezing function don't have the same treatment options as those with weak hearts. For decades the medical community believed that people with weaker hearts were the ones prone to heart failure. This belief led to many groundbreaking treatments such as pacemakers, beta blockers, and angiotensin-converting inhibitors. These options are severely less effective or altogether ineffective for patients with a strong heart.

The medical community did not prepare to treat strong hearts. Many now are calling for a treatment that addresses the root cause of heart failure, rather than simple decongesting processes. Congestive heart failure affects almost 5 million Americans, with more than 550,000 new diagnoses every year.

Early Diagnosis is the Only Way to Avoid the Worst After Effects

Symptoms of heart failure require immediate attention. Contact a doctor or emergency services if you have trouble breathing when you lay down, or have extreme shortness of breath while performing routine tasks. Other symptoms include gaining weight specifically in your legs, ankles, feet or stomach and generally feeling weak or lethargic.

You should talk to your doctor about any of these issues to take proactive measures as quickly as possible. Early diagnosis can require changes to your physical activity levels, diet and in some cases, medication.

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