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Could This Rare, Next-Generation Omega-3 Be The Missing Secret To More Energy... Longer Living... And Up To 10x Better Heart Health Protection?

Dear Reader,

The future just got a whole lot brighter, if you're someone who wants to fully protect your heart health and feel decades younger in the process.

Here's why:

Until recently, the only Omega-3's we've been told about are called EPA and DHA.

And while they are a great start, and certainly beneficial...

There Is A Third Omega-3 You've Been Missing Out On That Research Now Shows Is The Most Important!

Some of this research has shown this "missing omega" to be the most beneficial for reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

It's also been shown to have a unique ability to help shut down excess inflammation in your body, which is a root cause of everything from heart disease, to increased body fat and lack of energy, joint pain, brain fog, Alzheimer's, and many other issues.

It also helps protect your heart by fighting against the formation of deadly blood clots - a common cause of heart attack and stroke - ...

In fact...

Here's What A Harvard Health Study Revealed About This Incredible Third Omega:

Researchers at Harvard University decided to take a closer look at the test results of more than 30,000 men and women.

One of the goals was to see what separated those with healthy hearts and those at higher risk of heart attack.

After looking at the data, they discovered those who had increased amounts of "The Missing Omega" in their system, also had stronger, healthier hearts compared to those who did not.

And if this wasn't exciting enough...

A Major Japanese Study Confirmed "The Missing Omega" Is TEN TIMES More Effective At Protecting Against Clogged Arteries

As Dr. Alex Byelashov, a leading Omega-3 researcher, had to say:

"[The Missing Omega] is, in my opinion, absolutely essential to anyone seeking to maintain the highest level of cardiovascular health and cognitive function."

So what's the name of this new, next-generation Omega-3?

It's called docosapentaenoic acid, or "DPA" for short.

And to top off the benefits we've already covered...

What Else Is Possible When You Combine The Missing Omega To Give Your Body All Three Of The Omegas It Needs?

Simply put, you begin to unlock all the benefits no mediocre formula can provide.

Maintaining HEALTHY blood pressure becomes easier...

Poor blood pressure can affect your energy levels and sex life.

Getting all three omegas also helps you maintain your triglyceride levels.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, if your triglyceride levels get too high, it can lead to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome and poor triglyceride levels then add to your risk of a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

And people who have metabolic syndrome also tend to struggle with being overweight and getting rid of unwanted body fat.

Another benefit of having all three Omegas on your side, is promoting healthier blood sugar and insulin function.

On top of putting you at risk of diabetes...

High blood sugar levels force your heart to work overtime by making it harder for blood vessels to dilate - meaning less oxygen and blood flow to your heart.

And that's obviously bad news if you're worried about a heart attack.

By keeping blood sugar in check, you're also less likely to have unwanted cravings.

This means your eating habits naturally improve, which can have a high long-term impact on your heart, weight, and overall health.

And speaking of weight...

Ever Feel "Fat" And Fed Up With Unwanted Pounds? Over 48 Studies Have Revealed A Weird Connection To Weight Loss And Omega-3's

You might be surprised to find that numerous studies, such as those published by the International Journal of Obesity, The Nutrition Obesity Research Center, and other reputable sources...

... have all found that a higher intake of all the Omega-3's your body needs, is associated with less belly fat, leaner muscle mass, and easier weight loss.

They also found the opposite is true, meaning that not getting enough of all the Omega-3's your body needs is found to be linked to higher levels of body fat in the patients they analyzed.

Many other studies have confirmed this, noting that simply supplementing with Omega-3's has been shown to be an effective way to promote weight loss and fat loss... especially around the belly.

The Obvious Question: Can This Benefit YOU?

How long it takes to start noticing improvements like this will be different for everyone...

But I can tell you first-hand that when patients of mine start taking a high-quality Omega-3 combo like this...

... there are both immediate and long-term benefits that are pretty astonishing.

Within a week or even a few days, most report experiencing a much-needed dramatic improvement in their day-to-day energy levels.

Then, as the amounts of these Omegas build in their bodies, I have a lot of patients who tell me they have less cravings for foods they used to find irresistible.

Instead of giving in to late-night kitchen raids, I can't tell you how many times I've heard them tell me they suddenly realized that they had less desire to eat as much as they used to.

It's kind of like the minute hand on a clock:

It's not an immediate change, but it's steady - usually after a couple weeks is when you may begin to notice.

And when it does happen, you'll see and feel it in the form of better looking skin, no more sluggishness, or a shrinking waistline - perhaps even all of the above.

Finally, there's the follow-up appointments...

It depends on each patient...

But I've seen triglyceride levels get slashed in half...

Blood sugar and cholesterol levels plummet down to normal levels...

And blood pressure numbers start to normalize for the first time in years...

And of course, all these things are good news for anyone, but especially those looking to protect their heart...

Why You Won't Find "The Missing Omega" Combined With Everything Else You Need In The Right Dose And Purity... Anywhere Else

There are actually two reasons:

Although DPA is shaping up to be the most important Omega-3 ever discovered, it is still less-known, compared to EPA and DHA.

Most Omega-3 manufacturers don't even know it exists, and even mainstream medicine hasn't fully caught on to the remarkable benefits of DPA.

Compared to other Omegas, DPA is extremely rare. Only a limited amount is available at any given time throughout the year. As a result, most Omega-3 makers don't want the hefty expense of adding it... assuming they could get their hands on it to begin with.

Two Other Dirty Secrets Omega-3 Manufacturers Pray You'll Never Know:

Number one: a lot of manufacturers use a cheaper form of concentration known as "ethyl ester."

For maximum absorption, on top of getting The Missing Omega, you want to make sure the Omega-3's you consume are in "triglyceride" (also called TG) form.

This is the natural form that is absorbed up to 70% higher compared to the cheaper "ethyl esther" form.

If they are NOT in triglyceride form, your results will be minimal at best.

The second thing is something a lot of Omega-3 manufacturers either don't do well, or not at all, because it's expensive and cuts into profits.

It's called molecular distillation: the process of refining Omega-3's into an ultra-pure state.

This is done by creating an extreme vacuum environment, where the Omega-3 molecules are pulled away from any contaminants that might be present.

Having a next-generation Omega-3 formula that contains The Missing Omega and other Omega-3's, in triglyceride form, and molecularly distilled, offers several big benefits:

First, they become so pure that it's almost impossible to find any contaminants present.

Second, it becomes much more concentrated, so you don't need to have a whole lot of DPA in each dose...

Finally, because the Omega-3's are so pure and having the missing omega helps your body absorb the omega-3's more efficiently, you can actually see and feel the difference it makes...

You deserve to experience this.

More importantly, you need this if you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to maintaining your heart health... and the other benefits we've covered.

And that's why my team of formulators and I have gone the extra mile to bring you a modern, high-grade Omega-3 formula that's complete with The Missing Omega: DPA.

Introducing PhysioTru's Latest Nutritional Breakthrough: Physio Omega

Every capsule of Physio Omega is produced right here in The United States in a clean, FDA-approved, temperature-controlled facility...

And we're confident you'll agree it's the absolute best source of all three Omegas and their benefits, compared to anything else on the market today.

After all, no other Omega-3 formula I've ever seen during all my years as a practicing physician can check all the boxes:

  • 100% American Made
  • Molecularly distilled to the highest possible purity
  • Contains ALL THREE Omegas, including The Missing Omega: DPA
  • Has each of them in triglyceride form for maximum absorption

And just to show you we're not being biased...

Here's What Others Are Saying About Physio Omega:

Rebecca Cates writes:

"I seem to have more energy, and my blood pressure is now staying around normal for me!"

Jerry Johnson documented his progress by saying:

"More I can do! My most noticeable result has been increased energy and this will lead to more improvements as I feel ready to DO more already."

Brian Cox wrote in, telling us:

"Overall health has improved. I have certainly noticed a drop in my bodyweight. Also a shift in my energy... Less daily tiredness. More restful sleep.. A greater stability in diet. Don't need to graze so much. Thanks!"

How Incredible Is That?

It's just science, really.

Once you start taking your own fresh supply of Physio Omega, you'll begin to see for yourself what's possible.

And benefitting couldn't be easier:

Just take two easy-to-swallow gel capsules of Physio Omega with a glass of water, in the morning.

Then let The Missing Omega and proven science do the rest FOR you.

Imagine having more youthful energy to carry you through each day, without needing a nap or a jittery jolt of caffeine to keep you awake...

Imagine strutting into your doctor's office, and watching the look on his face as you ace your checkup with flying colors...

Imagine how great you'll feel being able to maintain healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels...

... not to mention the peace of mind that gives you when it comes to lowering your risk of having a potentially fatal heart attack.

Plus, imagine the added benefits of maintaining a healthy brain, pain-free joints, better mood and mental well-being, and all the other proven benefits getting ALL THREE Omegas can give you.

Now, you can...

Try Physio Omega At A MASSIVE Discount, RISK-FREE For An Entire 60 Days:

Normally, something of this quality and purity - especially when you've added The Missing Omega: DPA - could easily retail for $97.

However, today you can get Physio Omega at a MASSIVE discount, because for a limited time...

We're offering several money-saving packages of Physio Omega, so you can try it for yourself for as little as $67... plus FREE shipping.

And rest assured:

Every bottle of Physio Omega that you order, along with any other PhysioTru products today, is completely protected by our...

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with results you can see, feel, and test with your doctor...

... simply contact our world-class customer support team using the information that will be in your confirmation e-mail and also sent along with your package, and we will promptly issue you a refund - no questions asked, no hassles, and absolutely no hard feelings.

Oh, and whether you decide to keep your order or not, if you act now and take advantage of your discounted supply of Physio Omega today...

We're Also Going To Include Two Incredible FREE Bonuses With Your Order Today

You can INSTANTLY download and read these free bonuses after you place your order.

And as I said, they are yours to keep, whether you keep your order of Physio Omega or not.

Each bonus is easily worth $27 if you bought them on your own, but make no mistake:

The information inside is priceless, as it could literally save your life....

Your first free gift is my guide called "10 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed"

Most of the folks I share these foods with are absolutely shocked that you should not eat these foods before bed.

But as you'll see in this quick read, doing so can affect everything from how long it takes you to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep, to your weight, energy, and yes... even your heart.

Once you stop eating these foods before bed, your weight will likely start to drop like a rock...

Your quality of sleep will be enhanced; you'll notice immediately that you start waking up feeling like you've had the best sleep in years.

Your energy levels will perk up...

And so much more, all thanks to avoiding these foods before bed.

For example, there are a lot of people who think that swapping unhealthy foods for something like celery is a good move... especially for fighting late night cravings.

And while it's a lot better than binging on too many cookies and sweets, on page 6, you'll see a specific reason why eating celery at night is a bad idea.

That's just ONE of the 10 foods you'll discover you should not eat before bed.

Your second report is one I wrote that's especially valuable if you're looking to avoid a heart attack.

It's called "7 Deadly Habits Of People That Have Heart Attacks."

These are not the usual habits people try to tell you like "eat less" or "move more."

These are habits that seem completely unrelated to your heart, but could actually increase your risk of having a heart attack.

For example:

Habit #1 is a commonly overlooked habit that Harvard Health says can "wake up heart disease."

Another interesting one you’ll hear about is around page seven, where I’ll show you a weird reason why how you shower and brush your teeth can determine your heart attack risk factors.

This bonus is so valuable that it’s worth the small investment you’ll be making in Physio Omega, all by itself.

And you get BOTH bonuses 100% free, just by ordering right now from the secure order form on this page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in Physio Omega?


How Can Physio Omega Help Me Lose Weight?

Physio Omega supports weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, due to the nutrients it contains having what are known as "anti-lipogenic" properties.

In other words, it has the ability to help your body BLOCK fat storage!

Plus, it can also promote a healthier metabolism, allowing you to burn the fat that you already have on your body, at a more efficient rate.

How exactly does Physio Omega help support my metabolism?

Beyond helping your body BLOCK fat storage, the nutrients in Physio Omega have also been shown to help curb cortisol levels.

Curbing cortisol levels helps your metabolism, because cortisol is a hormone known to decrease the body's ability to burn off fat.

So by taking the essential nutrients found in Physio Omega and helping your body naturally maintain lower, healthier cortisol levels, you can help your metabolism function the way it's supposed to.

Does Physio Omega have any impact on Insulin?

Yes! The nutrients found in Physio Omega have been shown to support healthy insulin function, and help maintain healthy insulin levels as a result.

This is good news not just for your overall health, but also if you're looking to lose weight because too much insulin in your blood puts your body in fat-burn lockdown mode, causing you to store excess sugar as fat.

So by using Physio Omega to help keep insulin at a healthy level, your body can use excess sugar as a source of fuel instead of storing it as fat.

And one more added side effect of healthier insulin levels: more ENERGY!

That's right, when your cells are getting the nutrients they need, one positive side effect is higher energy levels—without crashes or jitters, later.

I have Terrible Food Cravings. Can Physio Omega help with them?

Yes! By helping your body reduce inflammation, manage cortisol levels, and support healthy insulin levels, you are much more likely to curb sugar and food cravings before they become a major problem.

What is this specialized fat called DPA?

DPA is vitally important to your health. In fact, this one omega-3 fat is considered by many to be the "missing link" among the essential nutrients your body needs.

DPA makes up one-third of the circulating omega-3 fatty acids in your body, making it just as important as the more popular omega-3s: EPA and DHA.

In fact, research has shown that DPA may be more effective than any other omega-3 when it comes to improving cholesterol, inflammation, and triglyceride levels.

Why is DPA so important for my health?

Let's face it: No one wants to have a heart attack or a stroke. And taking the steps to controlling your risk factors could go a long way in allowing you to live a normal, healthy life. This is precisely where DPA comes in handy.

Since DPA makes up one-third of the omega-3 fats circulating in your body, having low levels could put your health at risk. According to breakthrough research, DPA may be more effective for improving your blood lipid profile, therefore potentially reducing the risk for heart health issues in the future.

That's why it's important to take your Physio Omega every day in order fully support your health.

Can't I just eat more fish to get enough DPA for better health?

Although fish is a popular source of the omega-3 fatty acids, eating fish alone may not provide enough DPA levels to fully protect you from future health issues.

Instead, taking a fish oil that contains all three essential nutrients in the right concentration and dose, allows you to efficiently increase your Omega-3s to healthy levels.

Physio Omega comes from the Menhaden fish, which contains all three omega-3 fatty acids, and is the most abundant source of DPA in the world.

What can happen if my body doesn't get all the omega-3s it needs to thrive?

Not having enough Omega-3s means your body is no longer in a state of Omega Alignment.

This imbalance messes with your body's natural fat-burning hormones.

It causes high levels of inflammation, which starts in your fat cells and contributes to weight gain.

Once your fat cells become inflamed, insulin resistance can occur, which means your body cannot sweep away extra sugar from your bloodstream, causing you to store it as fat for later.

And finally, being out of Omega Alignment leads to inflammation disrupting your brain's ability to tell your body how hungry or full you are.

(Which is why it's so easy to eat a fair amount of food and still be hungry an hour later.)

Can I just take any old fish oil supplement to get in a state of Omega Alignment, promote a healthier weight, and support my overall health?

Unfortunately, the odds of any old fish oil giving you the results you deserve are pretty slim.

In fact, The United States Department of Agriculture and Consumer Labs have both found that up to HALF of fish oil products being sold do not contain what the label promises and/or are rancid or contain toxic heavy metals, like mercury.

Instead PhysioTru creates each bottle of Physio Omega in a facility that follows strict, FDA-approved manufacturing practices.

The DPA is harvested from wild-caught Menhaden and then distilled to create the ultra-refined, highly-purified source of Omega-3s that goes into each bottle that's produced.

In fact, each batch is so pure that every bottle of Physio Omega passes more than 300 quality control checkpoints.

Is there anyone who should NOT take Physio Omega?

It should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing. Additionally, it should not be taken by children or those who are on prescription medications. If you are still unsure if Physio Omega is right for you, you should consult with your doctor before using this--or any--product.

How often do I take Physio Omega?

Simply take 2 capsules each morning with a meal.

Is Physio Omega "non-GMO?"


Is Physio Omega Gluten free?


Does Physio Omega come with a guarantee?

Absolutely. You have 60 days to "test drive" Physio Omega in order to reap the benefits. If the quality of Physio Omega doesn't live up to its reputation, simply return the unused portion for an immediate, 100% money back refund.

Is your website safe and secure for online ordering?

Yes, we use an ultra-secure 256 bit encryption to process your order safely. Just how safe is that? It's the same encryption that is used by major ecommerce websites like Zappos, Amazon, Apple, and other leading brands.

Can customer service be reached by phone?

Absolutely! There's nothing worse than a company that hides behind the internet and doesn't provide a phone number to answer any questions you may have. You can call us Monday-Friday 8AM-9PM EST completely toll-free at 1-888-332-9372.

How will my order be shipped and how long before it arrives?

Our advanced inventory management system will automatically calculate which shipping method will allow for the fastest delivery possible. All orders are shipped as soon as possible. And remember, you receive FREE SHIPPING if you live in the US.