The WORST Time To Have A Heart Attack

There is never a good time to have a heart attack. Heart attacks are dangerous, and having one at the wrong time could result in serious trauma to your body or even death. While these following "worst times" to have a heart attack may not always result in the worst possible outcome, having a heart attack at these times may lessen your chances of getting help as quickly as you should.

Weekends And Holidays Are A No-No

Although it is out of most people's control to determine when or if they will suffer a heart attack in the near future, it's always good for someone at risk to know when help is available. The best time to have a heart attack is when there is help available nearby. However, this is just an ideal case and comes down to luck, since the patient will never truly know when the next heart attack will strike.

While you may think that while in a hospital is always the best time to have a heart attack, you'd be wrong. The worst time for a person to have a heart attack is when hospitals are at a lull, such as weekends or holidays, according to a study found in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Weekday Visits May Save A Life

The best time, this study suggests, is during regular hospital opening hours or the normal business hours. The researchers in the study pooled data collected from 50,000 heart attacks between the years 2007 and 2010. Their results suggested that during the weekdays, wait time for heart attack patients was shorter than times for those who were admitted during weekends or holidays.

Of course, a longer wait increases the likelihood that the patient's condition will worsen. The study admitted that the likelihood of a patient dying due to a longer wait was 13% increase for someone who was admitted on a weekend or holiday as opposed to during the week or regular business hours.

The Crucial 90 Minute Time Limit

The American Heart Association insists that a patient wait no more than 90 minutes for heart attack procedure. If you think you're having a heart attack, it's best to seek medical attention right away.

The study found that patients who were admitted to the hospital on the weekends waited an average of 72 minutes and those who were admitted during normal business hours was a 56 minute long average wait. Although both of these fall under 90 minutes, 72 minutes is pushing it.