Constipation Is More Deadly Than You Think

A natural and seemingly harmless biological function which most people expect to happen on a regular basis can severely complicate life when things get off track. The issue is that constipation is the most common digestive complaint in the U.S. and many people don't bring this to their doctor's attention before the damage happens.

What Counts As Constipation?

Well, a doctor will classify constipation as going three days without a bowel movement. But many people will range on what is "normal" for them.

If you realize that you're waiting longer than usual, or you feel like you wouldn't be able to make a bowel movement if you tried, then you're constipated. Straining is another sign of constipation. If you have to strain in the bathroom, you might be constipated and should talk to your doctor.

Straining is the driving force behind many of the complications of constipation that lead to death.

Everyday Causes Of Constipation

Many of the things you encounter on a daily basis are likely to cause constipation, so it's no surprise that this is such a common complaint among adults. Many vitamins, pain medications, and diet choices can lead to constipation.

Avoid overloading on diary whenever possible. Finally, only take necessary vitamins that you've discussed with your doctor.

How Does Constipation Lead To Death?

Constipation has the rare chance of creating a perfect storm for a heart arrhythmia.

Any person who bears down and strains too much while in the bathroom can trigger a nerve that runs through your chest. This nerve will tell the brain to change your blood pressure and heart rate. After a few seconds, the body will overcorrect, and your blood pressure will soar while your heartbeat is off rhythm.

Finally, those who suffer from chronic constipation can experience bowel perforation and other issues which can occur in the elderly that come from constant straining.

To relieve constipation, you should improve your bathroom posture, try deep squatting for a few moments before going to the bathroom. Be sure to call your doctor if you're experiencing abdominal pain or constant constipation.

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