3 CBD Oil Myths BUSTED

3 CBD Oil Myths BUSTED
Cannabidiol is widely perceived as a "superfood". It fuels a multibillion-dollar industry and combats common misunderstandings about cannabis. However, the great fame of cannabidiol is accompanied by great misconceptions. Some people applaud cannabidiol as a miracle cure for many diseases, whereas other people insist that it is extremely dangerous. Neither perception is completely accurate.

Myth #1: Cannabidiol Gets You High

This myth about cannabidiol is caused by lack of knowledge regarding what cannabidiol truly is. Cannabidiol is only one of sixty cannabinoids that take residence in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol influences neurotransmitters and nerve receptors in the brain, but it does not contain THC, the cannabinoid found in cannabis that causes a high.

Myth #2: Cannabidiol Cures Cancer

There are countless products that are claimed to cure cancer. The unfortunate fact is that, at least at this point in time, the claims have never been true. If a product truly cured cancer, then there would be scientific evidence to support it, but this has not been the case for cannabidiol nor any other product. But what is true is that there has indeed been some evidence that cannabidiol may have the ability to slow down growth of some malignant cells. Moreover, although cannabidiol is unable to cure such severe conditions as cancer, it is indeed beneficial for issues such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Myth #3: Cannabidiol Is Addictive

Despite a similar name, cannabidiol is actually not cannabis. It affects different brain regions and is not addictive. Despite this, it is able to improve your serotonin and dopamine levels and thereby reduce symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and other conditions. Cannabidiol has an effect on the endocannabinoid system, which influences mood, inflammation, sleep, and other bodily functions. For this reason, cannabidiol is able to stimulate the "feel good" region of the brain without potentially causing an addiction.

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