Physio Flora is a one of a kind formula designed to naturally increase your daily energy levels while also supporting your metabolism, digestion, thyroid health, and more. This is thanks to our unique combination of premium ingredients: a high-grade 95% curcumin (turmeric) combined with black pepper for maximum absorption; 56 organically-grown, fermented prebiotic food extracts; and 8 hearty, plant-based probiotic strains.


Curcumin has over 10,000 medical studies proving its incredible range of benefits. In a preclinical study by medical researchers at the Virginia University School of Medicine, they discovered, quote: “Curcumin can be a viable therapy to improve [gut lining] changes caused by consuming a Western diet.”


If you were to spice your food up with curcumin, expecting results, you would be very disappointed. On its own, your body has a hard time absorbing curcumin. The good news is that studies have confirmed that combining curcumin with piperine—an extract of black pepper—can boost its absorption by up to 2,000%.

Prebiotic Super Blend

Once you have the foundation laid to protect the lining of your gut with curcumin, you’re going to want to help the good bacteria in your gut to start thriving again.

I’ve discovered a unique blend of 56 different fermented food extracts that get the job done. Not only are they extremely high in PREBIOTIC fiber, which again, nourishes and fuels the growth of PROBIOTIC bacteria, they also contain nutrients and minerals.

Probiotic Blend

Each probiotic strain has its own role in your gut’s ecosystem. The more diverse the good bacteria in your gut are, the more benefit you will see. Unfortunately, most folks have not paid a lot of attention to keeping their gut stocked with the right probiotics, and


Physio Flora

We’ve created this formula with one end goal in mind: helping you truly support your gut health, your energy levels, metabolism, and more. And benefitting couldn’t be easier:

Just take two easy-to-swallow capsules of Physio Flora before bed with a glass of water and let it do the work for you.

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The new gold standard for achieving and reaping the benefits of a healthier gut is finally here

Helps maintain healthy gut and digestion

Promotes increased energy and general well-being

Contains 56 organically-grown, fermented food extracts (prebiotics)

Supports thyroid function

Contains 8 plant-based probiotic strains


Our incredible physicians know not all nutritional products work for all people, so your purchase always comes with an Iron-Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with results you can see, feel, and test with your doctor, simply contact our world-class customer support team and they’ll take great care of you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a doctor, I understand that we are all unique when it comes to how our bodies can react to the same ingredients. So even though everyone can benefit from the fatigue fighters found in Physio Flora, it’s true that results can vary. So, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, I’ll promptly return your money, hassle free… guaranteed.

Remember: You’re protected with our 60 day, money-back guarantee!

No matter how powerful the ingredients are in Physio Flora, as with anything else, the more consistent you are with taking the product, the better the results you will see and feel.

In my medical opinion, after three to four weeks, you should be experiencing the maximum benefit and dramatic results of taking Physio Flora.

There are several options you can choose from, but the majority of Physio Flora customers choose to maximize their savings by choosing the heavily discounted 8-bottle promotion when available. This saves you the hassle of re-ordering often and allows you to take advantage of the absolute lowest price today, and be grandfathered into this price for any time you order more in the future.

Absolutely! We use advanced 256-bit encryption to process each order. When you place your order, all of the information (including your name, address, and credit/debit card details) is sent through a secure server to keep your personal data safe. If you prefer to order by phone, you can do so by using the phone number provided at the top of this page.

For best results, we suggest taking two Physio Flora capsules before bed with a glass of water. The ingredients in our formula have been freeze dried in a solid state, so it is safe to leave out at room temperature, but can be refrigerated if you prefer

With Physio Flora, you're essentially getting three products in one:

1. A premium blend of 8 plant-based probiotics.

We've gone the extra mile to include non-GMO, organically grown, plant-based bacteria because studies have proven them to be more resilient when it comes to making it through your guts harsh, acidic environment.

Together, this premium blend of plant-based probiotics helps promote healthy digestion, metabolism, more energy, and extracting more nutrients from the foods you eat.

2. A unique blend of 56 organically grown, prebiotic food extracts.

Using some of the world's purest waters from The Pantanal for the fermentation process, this blend of 56 organically grown, non-GMO foods is loaded with prebiotics (to feed the probiotic bacteria and help them thrive in your gut) and phytonutrients.

Each prebiotic ingredient has been carefully selected to help perk up your energy levels and create an ideal environment for good bacteria to thrive in your gut!

3. A high-end blend of 95% curcuminoid Turmeric extract.

This is highest quality form of Curcumin (extracted from Turmeric), one of the most potent anti inflammatory compounds in the world. More than 10,000 medical studies have proven benefits such as promoting: more energy, a healthy gut lining, less inflammation, healthy thyroid function, and so on.

Best of all, we've blended it with Piperine for up to 2,000% more absorption!