4 Common Cancer Triggers

4 Common Cancer Triggers
You may realize the increased risk of developing cancer from smoking or extreme sun exposure, but there are other common cancer triggers you should know. Along with undergoing routine screenings for cancer, you should reduce exposure to common carcinogens in your lifestyle, workplace, or environment. Cancer is the second-leading cause of death, so recognizing factors that can increase risk is imperative.


Humans do have an immune system to keep them healthy, but specific viruses and bacteria can lead to the manifestation of cancer. Hepatitis can cause undue damage to healthy cells and genes, triggering cancer. Immunizations for HPV are now available because research has shown the human papilloma virus can lead to cancer, due to altered cervical cells. EBV or the Epstein-Barr virus is another cancer-causing agent that affects the throat lymphoid.

Diesel Exhaust

Occupational hazards and lifestyle choices may involve interaction with diesel fuel exhaust, which can trigger cancer of the lungs. The IARC or International Agency for Research on Cancer has determined that diesel fuel is a 'definite carcinogen' and gave the cancer-causing agent its highest rating.

Charred Meat

It may be a pastime to break out the grill to enjoy some barbeque, but that steak or chicken may come with a side of carcinogens. Foods such as poultry, fish, and beef can release compounds linked to cancer when they are cooked over an open flame. Try changing up your cooking method for meals, or be more cautious about how often you consume charred meats.


Enjoying eating sugar can make life sweet, but consuming too much sugar can lead to developing diabetes or certain cancers. Drinking soda and munching on sugary snacks can eventually damage cells in the body, which can trigger cancer.

Opt for healthier alternatives to sugar in tea or coffee, reduce soda consumption, and eat more whole foods.


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