5 Foods That Will Cause ED

5 Foods That Will Cause ED
Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, affects men in their thirties to fifties according to Health Line. Varying from 50% of men in their 30s to 40% to men in their fifty, this ailment is much more common then we are lead to believe. There are many ways to go about avoiding ED, even by a step so simple as changing your diet. Here are five foods to definitely stay away from to avoid getting ED


Meat is often high in testosterone, especially beef that has been treated with testosterone, however, this is not why it's on the list. Meat, beef in particular and other red meat, rank high in the heart health department. Poor heart health often leads to poor sexual functioning and consequently ED. Dr. James Pinckney, CEO of Diamond Physicians, conducted a study that suggested overeating meat leads to inflammatory issues which can indirectly cause ED.

Deep Fried Dishes

Fried foods contribute to high amounts of cholesterol, bad heart health and significant weight gain which leads to imbalanced hormones and sexual function. More fat in the body tends to lead to more estrogen manufacture in the endocrine system, which spurs erectile dysfunction in most males.

Canned or Plastic Packed Foods

Foods packaged into cans or plastic should be avoided as well. Most of these packages contain BPA (Bisphenol-A) which is a chemical that has the opportunity to harm sexual health. According to Health.com, a study conducted in China based on factory workers exposed to containers made with BPA were more likely to have difficulty with sexual functioning, particularly ejaculation, than those who weren't exposed. Opt for food that is not packaged in these types of containers.


Soy is another food that effects the hormones and tends to increase estrogen levels in the blood. This, of course, can gravely affect men in terms of ED. The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study that suggested a diet high in soy products (as well as vegan food in general) contributed to hypogonadism and ED.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant, and thus affects sexual activity by lowering an erection or sexual desire. Drinking excessively lowers the natural testosterone production in the blood by its impact on the endocrine system. According to The Recovery Village, when the body metabolizes the ethanol it also inhibits production of a coenzyme NAD+ which is required for producing testosterone. To avoid this, limit to two drinks a day.

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