7 Ways To Die During A Winter Storm

7 Ways To Die During A Winter Storm
Winter can be very dangerous with its icy conditions. Here are 7 ways that winter can pose a threat to your life.

Car Accidents

Most people die in a winter storm from a car accident. There are ways to avoid death if you have to venture out into a storm, such as staying to heavily traveled roads and keeping emergency supplies in your car at all times.


Almost everyone has slipped on an icy sidewalk, but that can be very dangerous if you fall the wrong way. If you do have to walk across an icy sidewalk or driveway, sprinkle some salt, sand, or cat litter to provide traction.

Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling is not an easy or fun task, especially since a shovel of snow can be up to 20 pounds. To avoid injuries while shoveling, treat it like a workout: do some stretching and take breaks.


Hypothermia is considered a silent killer because these deaths go unnoticed, especially in the elderly population. Make sure that you have coats, blankets, and heat sources in your vehicle prevent hypothermia.

Thin Ice

Thin ice is dangerous because of hypothermia because if you fall in a freezing pond, you could freeze to death. Of course, ice poses a different problem: it's usually weaker that it looks. You need to have at least four inches of ice before you walk across it.

Falling Trees

Snow may look pretty on the trees, but too much snow can cause trees and power lines to fall down. During a snowstorm, you want to keep away from trees and large limbs.

Roof and Building Collapses

As mentioned earlier, snow can be very heavy, and too much snow and ice on a building's roof can cause the structure to fail. This is most common with warehouses but can happen with any structure.

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