ANOTHER Reason You Should Be Having More Sex

ANOTHER Reason You Should Be Having More Sex
Being sexually active may be a good way to prevent dementia, confused thinking, and other problems associated with old age. According to data published in the "American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry," seniors who stay sexually active have higher cognitive function than those who don't. Keeping the Mind Sharp In the study, men and women who said they are satisfied with their sex lives scored better on memory and other mental skills tests than those who said sex was unimportant. The study included 1,747 individuals who were 71 years of age on average. They were assessed on cognitive functions, ability to reason, mental processing speed, memory, and of course, sexual activity. The study included specific questions about sexual activity and intimacy, such as questions about touching. In studying the answers, researchers looked at various mental charts that track diseases, depression, and medication usage. They compared all the data among both groups, those who were not sexually active and those who were, to come to their conclusions. The findings are pretty compelling, and make a strong argument for the value of sexual activity at any age. Sex and Mental Skills In the English journal "Age and Ageing," a different study found than people over the age of 50 also benefitted from maintaining a healthy sex life. Both men and women observed in this study who were sexually active had better memory skills than their non-active counterparts. This study included 6,800 people aged 50 to 89. Staying sexually active as often as once a month can increase cognitive function and mental abilities, according to research. Maintaining physical intimacy as you approach old age is a good way to relieve stress, stay happy, and keep your mind sharp. Now, you've got another reason why you should be pursuing a healthy, happy sex life at any (and every) age.

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