Antibiotics Might Be Secretly Making You Fat

Antibiotics Might Be Secretly Making You Fat

Antibiotics have been the subject of much controversy in recent years, and they're in the spotlight again for less than ideal reasons.

Noted physician Dr. Steven Masley stirred the pot with his recent blog post, "Are Antibiotics Making You Fat?" The shocking answer was illuminating, to say the least!

Are Antibiotics To Blame For Weight Gain?

The short answer is yes—antibiotics can indirectly cause weight gain.

"There is growing evidence that our gut bacteria impact many aspects of our health," says Dr. Masley. "Antibiotics generally kill off many healthy gut bacteria and allow an overgrowth of bacteria that cause us to gain weight."

Not only can being overrun by bad gut bacteria cause weight control issues, but it can also lead to neurological diseases such as ADD, autism, depression, and Parkinson's disease.

What If You Need To Use Antibiotics?

Dr. Masley admits that "there are some very serious infections that must be treated" with antibiotics, but he recommends asking your doctor if they're absolutely necessary before starting a series.

Fortunately, there is a way to combat the negative impact that antibiotics have on gut health.

The Solution

If you have a serious infection and must take an antibiotic, you don't need to resign yourself to inevitable weight gain or other negative health side effects.

"Antibiotics don’t just kill bacteria causing an infection, but they also kill billions of healthy gut bacteria at the same time", explains Dr. Masley. "Take a probiotic with at least 5 billion and up to 60 billion organisms daily for at least 4-8 weeks to help protect your microbiome."

Introducing an effective probiotic into your body, such as through the use of probiotic-enhanced foods like yogurt, can counter the negative effects of antibiotics and help you to maintain healthy gut bacteria.

Antibiotics might not be the only reason for weight gain, but for your weight and overall health, we highly recommend taking Dr. Masley's advice seriously!

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