Bread, Protein Bars and Cereal

Bread, Protein Bars and Cereal
You may not even realize that some foods you perceive as healthy can actually be making you sick. Ultra processed foods with high amounts of added sugars, saturated fat, and salt increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These three examples might be the foods you suspect the least.

Your Cereal is Loaded with Sugar

Nothing like your favorite cereal to kick off your morning. Quick, tasty, and the packaging screams “fiber!” and “grains!” Sounds healthy, right? Wrong. Some breakfast cereals contain healthy fibers, but they also contain added sugars and processed grains. Many health issues are attributed to sugary, ultra processed foods. Next time, stick with the avocado toast. Your heart with thank you.

The Bread-Winner For Your Health? Not Quite

Before you grab that avocado toast, think carefully about your choice of bread. Packaged bread at your local supermarket can be loaded with processed flour and unhealthy additives. White bread is especially problematic, however choosing bread labeled “whole” does not guarantee a healthier alternative. Consider sprouted bread or oat bread for a healthier heart.

Unfriend Protein Bars

You just finished a workout. Naturally, you rush to the pantry for a protein bar. You may not realize you just did all that hard work only to consume an ultra processed bar packed with sugar and salt. The protein you need for the day can be found in steak, chicken, eggs, or a handful of almonds. No bar needed. Product marketing and the healthy-sounding buzz words sprinkled over grocery store items can be deceptive. So how do we ever truly know what is healthy and what is not? Review the ingredient list. Look for names of ingredients that you can easily pronounce. Foods that are as close to their natural form as possible are your best and safest choice. {{CODEhref_1948}} {{CODEtrackinglink_1948}}

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