Can You Eat Too Many Avocados?

Can You Eat Too Many Avocados?
These days, avocados are all the rage. From avocado toast to guacamole raw avocado- avocados are everywhere. Advertisements claim that avocados are good for us. But did you know that there is increasing research proving that these unusual berries are excellent sources of nutrition and are a great source of heart health? With the release of more studies on avocados, research shows that an avocado a day can keep the doctor away! Why are avocados so special? These "super fruits" contain an essential source of "good" fat called monosaturated fat. Like nuts and fish, regular consumption of monosaturated fats can reduce the risk of heart disease and contain other cardiovascular benefits. And by replacing saturated fats with monosaturated fats, you can lower the risk of high cholesterol! But the avocado rage is nothing new. They have a long history of providing people with nutrients and a long, healthy life. Avocados are native to mountainous regions across Mexico, Guatemala, and Central America. In these regions, healthy fats such as fish and olive oils were scarce. Avocados provided these important heart-healthy nutrients while being a delicious meal or snack! Avocados are not only an excellent source of necessary fats. They also contain an abundance of other essential nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and essential daily vitamins. But that's not all! Did you know that avocados contain nutrients such as leutin and zeaxanthin? These nutrients protect healthy cells, especially in your eyes! Regular avocado consumption can promote healthy vision? Who knew? So maybe eating too many avocados is a good thing. Daily consumption of raw avocados is an excellent source of nutrients and can keep your heart pumping for many years to come. Don't make avocados a fad- make these fun, colorful fruits an essential staple of your diet for life. Here's to many more avocados!

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