Can You Prevent Female Hair Loss?

Can You Prevent Female Hair Loss?

No lady wants to see their hair thin and fall out, yet it happens every day. Fortunately, in most cases, you can make a significant impact on the health, volume, and number of hairs on your head through adjusting two things: your hair care routine and health habits. Below, you’ll find tips for each.

Hair Care Changes

  • Try to avoid tight hairstyles: When you style your hair in ways that pull too tightly on your hairline, such as braids and tight ponytails, it can put too much stress on your hair.
  • Choose hair ties carefully: Avoid ponytail holders with metal clasps, as your hair can get tangled come out when you take your ponytail down.
  • Avoid or reduce the use of heat: Flat irons and curling irons can burn and damage your hair, leading to brittle hair that breaks off and falls out easily. If you use heat, be sure you’re using heat-protectant oil or spray.
  • Avoid or limit chemical processing: Like heat, chemicals can damage your hair. If you’re deadset on perms or hair dye, be sure you’re caring for your hair in between with hot oil or deep conditioning treatments.

Health Habits

  • Exercise: Exercise causes the body to release nourishing, natural oils into the hair roots that keep hair healthy and full.
  • Stay hydrated: Hair cells need hydration to support healthy hair. Staying hydrated can both prevent and reverse hair loss.
  • Focus on nutrition: A balanced diet provides nutrients your hair and scalp need. You can also use vitamins, which should include B12, iron, and zinc.


Putting these tips into effect can produce results in a few weeks to a couple of months. If they don’t, consider getting a blood test from your doctor to determine if a medical condition is the culprit of your hair loss.

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