Can You Prevent Those Winter (Dry) Boogers?

Can You Prevent Those Winter (Dry) Boogers?
Everybody has issues with boogers at some point, even if it's not widely talked about. While the topic itself may be embarrassing, dealing with pesky boogers can be a real pain. What if there was a way to prevent those nasty, dry boogers in the winter months? Luckily, there are ways to limit the number of boogers you have to deal with, especially in the winter months. Nasal mucus can be pretty gross but we actually need it to trap bacteria, dust, and allergens before it would have the chance to enter the lungs. When we have excessive mucus, those dry particles, commonly known as boogers, can build up and be an issue. Removing these nasty little deposits can not only be pretty gross, but it can also even be painful sometimes, similar to yanking off a scab. Yet, there are ways to deal with them and even prevent them in the future. Use Steam Taking a hot shower or carefully putting your face over a steaming bowl of water can help. This will soften the deposits, making them easier, and less gross, to remove. You will be able to blow your nose to rid yourself of them rather than picking them. Rise Your Sinuses Using a solution or saline spray to flush out your sinuses can also rid you of those unwanted boogers. It will even help flush the mucus out of your nose so you don't have to deal with them at all. Use A Humidifier Using a humidifier is going to prevent those nasty, dry boogers from forming in the first place. This is particularly helpful in the winter months when the heat is running. It will keep that mucus moist so that the boogers don't form in the first place. Drink More Water Drinking more water will help because it will prevent the mucus from becoming overly thick. If you are having a booger problem, drink more glasses of water a day to see if it helps resolve the issue. {{CODEhref_1795}} {{CODEtrackinglink_1795}}

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