Cataracts & Heart Attacks?

Cataracts & Heart Attacks?

Yearly, three million people in the United States suffer from cataracts, which cloud the eyes. This condition, if not treated, can permanently harm one's vision. Now, experts are saying this condition can also impact one's heart. It can even lead to death for some.

A Long Study

Dr. Mingguang He from the Centre for Eye Research Australia at the University of Melbourne conducted a study between the two conditions. Their team searched through data from the U.S.' National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. They looked through 15,000 patients aged 40 and older, who took the survey from 1998 to 2008. Out of the vast number of participants, nearly nine percent of them (2,000+ participants) had cataract surgery. The study followed these people for a decade following the original survey. In the end, nearly 4,000 participants died.

Heart Disease And More

Researchers determined people who had cataracts had a bigger chance of gaining heart attacks. Those individuals also had a stronger chance of having depression, which is a strong factor in heart attacks. The researchers collectively said, “This study found significant associations of self-reported cataract surgery with all-cause and vascular mortalities. More studies are needed to confirm these associations and to further investigate the mechanisms behind these associations.”

Make Sure To Check Up

If you're worried about getting cataracts, also make sure to give your eyes more attention than usual. "Patients should use the results of this study as a reminder of the importance of having regular eye exams with your eye doctor, especially as you get older or if you have certain medical conditions," Dr. Matthew Gorski said. Aside from going to the eye doctor, there's plenty of simple things you can do at home. Avoiding smoking, wearing protective eyewear, and getting exercise can prevent cataracts from taking place. While cataracts normally appear in older individuals, it's always important to take care of your eyes daily.

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