Could Vaping Be The Death Of A Grandchild?

Could Vaping Be The Death Of A Grandchild?
A few years ago no one had ever heard of vaping. But as cigarette use became more and more taboo, people turned to e-cigarettes, commonly known as vapes. Touted as being healthier than cigarettes, the vaping trend has increased massively in a short space of time, with people - especially young people - choosing to vape rather than smoke cigarettes, or even decide to start vaping when they never even smoked before. Whether the trend is rising because it is seen as healthier, or looks 'cool', scary news recently shows it is neither of those things. A few weeks ago an 18-year old boy died after becoming 'addicted' to vaping, and many other people across the US have become seriously ill, or even died, because of the habit. What big vape companies, such as Juul - the product that the otherwise healthy 18-year old Daniel Wakefield used - promised, was a vape liquid that was non toxic and non addictive. What these products really did, was cause a deterioration of lung health. In particular, THC based products were in the firing line, but the bigger question is that of nicotine, and moreover, glycerin, which can be toxic at high temperatures, and even scarier, Propylene glycol, which is the same component found in antifreeze. Not only can this cocktail of ingredients cause lung problems, such as 'popcorn lung' which causes popping sensations when you breathe, but it has also been linked to worsening asthma, lowering the immune system, and messing with hormone balances. While the trend for vaping increases, the research into the potentially lethal ingredients, and the lack of proper regulation around vape juice sales, lags behind. So if you have a family member that has adopted this habit, then yes, it may be healthier than smoking cigarettes, but the truth is, before more studies have been done into the ingredients, vaping is best left alone.

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