COVID Connection: Where You're Most Likely To Get It

COVID Connection: Where You're Most Likely To Get It

There are certain places that you're going to be more likely to get COVID-19. Researchers have been calculating which locations place you at the highest risk since the beginning of the pandemic. The Texas Medical Association ranked common activities on a scale of 1-10. Are you curious which locations and activities are going to increase your risk of catching COVID-19?

The lowest risk activities have been named as getting takeout from a restaurant, grocery shopping, playing tennis, camping, and going to the mall. These common activities are going to be low-risk, according to reports. However, attending amusement parks, going to the gym, eating at a buffet, playing basketball or football and hugging are going to put you at the highest risk.

In general, outdoor activities aren't as risky. In addition to that, activities that tend to take more time are going to heighten your risk as compared to activities that aren't as long to complete. Researchers out of Standford University and Northeastern recently published data showing that hotels, gyms, cafes, and restaurants are likely accounting for the majority of the spread and that these places should be avoided if at all possible.

Those places tend to be more crowded, thus increasing your risk of exposure to the virus. These locations also tend to be smaller, putting people closer together than they would be in other locations. Full-service restaurants are the most high-risk, as people tend to be in closer contact and stay longer at these particular locations.

If you want to lower your risk of exposure to COVID-19, restaurants, gyms, amusement parks, cafes and hotels should be avoided when possible. Outdoor activities are far less risky. The more people around, the closer they are together and the amount of time they spend there are all going to contribute to a heightened risk of being exposed to the virus. Social distancing should be implemented whenever possible to decrease your risk of exposure.



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