Cut Your Alzheimer's Risk By SIXTY Percent?

Cut Your Alzheimer's Risk By SIXTY Percent?
New research shows that it might be possible to cut your Alzheimer's risk by sixty percent. Researchers at Rush University in Illinois completed a study that determined the five most important lifestyle factors in the Alzheimer's equation. What they found, is that the risks of developing dementia seem to be greatly reduced when one: follows a healthy diet, gets in regular exercise, limits their alcohol consumption, skips smoking, and engages in plenty of mentally stimulating activities. These recent findings were announced the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Los Angeles. The results came from a lengthy study that followed 3,000 different people over the course of ten years. Heather Snyder, the senior director of medical and scientific operations at the Alzheimer's Association suggested that committing to four out of those five healthy habits is enough to make a huge impact on longterm health. "This demonstrates the potential of lifestyle behaviors to reduce risk as we age," she said. "The fact that four or five lifestyle habits put together can have that kind of benefit for your brain is incredibly powerful." It's estimated that around 5.8 million people currently have Alzheimer's. But with the new information shared in this study, it might be possible to start reducing the appearance of new cases. Incorporating these kinds of new healthy habits also go way beyond preventing Alzheimer's. All of the study's suggested habits can support the well being of the mental and physical states, leading to a variety of ways that health might increase. Klodian Dhana, a Rush University professor and co-author shared some specific takeaways from the study results and offered some simple changes that can be put into effect immediately. "My biggest takeaway is I encourage older people to consume more leafy green vegetables, replace red meat with poultry, and avoid as much as possible fried food. Also, walk to the grocery store and read books!"

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