Deep Sleep Could Secretly Add 10 Years To Your Life?

A recent study performed by the University of Chicago, which was one of the largest studies of its type, focused on how a good night's sleep may be key in the production of human growth hormone. The Human Growth hormone has been stated as a cure for not only weight gain and wrinkles but other ailments that become more common with age. The study was performed by Eve Van Cauter, who found that as men change from the early adulthood state into the midlife state, their deep sleep decreases and this seems to correlate with the fact that their body produces HGH. The hormone HGH which is a growth hormone that men naturally produce. Van Cauter's work was published in Wednesday 's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, this work showcased a timeline that highlights the sleep patterns and HGH secretion that can begin as early as the late 20s and the early 30s. This timeline showcases just how important it is for men to sleep and get this deep sleep that their body needs! Deep Sleep is important because in the male brain when in deep sleep, secretes HGH which a lack thereof has been blamed for the effects of aging. HGH is a hormone that tells the body to burn fat, build muscle, and even tighten skin, stopping the signs of early aging! "What would be the most exciting would be a new class of sleeping pills that would promote deep sleep," Van Cauter said. As current sleeping pills may help people fall asleep and wake up less frequently, sadly the side effect is that long time use of these pills can actually lead to a lack of deep sleep. Van Cauter also stated, "What would be the most exciting would be a new class of sleeping pills that would promote deep sleep." Which answers the question regarding how important is deep sleep for women. Van Cauter's final statement is "Having good sleep is something that should be right up there with priorities for maintaining good health."

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