Do Not Order These Four Types Of Fish

Do Not Order These Four Types Of Fish

Seafood is considered by many to be the most delightful part of a four-course meal in a snazzy restaurant. However, due to poor farming practices or packing issues, some fish are better off not being eaten. Here are four fish you can pass up the next time you go out to eat.


While beautiful, eating swordfish can prove a lot of problems for you. The high mercury levels alone are a serious health issue due to them being a predatory fish. Since they eat other fish in the food chain, they consume all the mercury levels from those fish and it all builds up. When it reaches you, you get more metal in your fish than you bargained for. Opt for a smaller fish.


Atlantic Cod

Cod may be a famous favorite, but it also comes with its set of issues. Luckily, these issues are easy to detect. If you know where the cod comes from and can avoid the more problematic industries, then you may be safer. If you find that the cod is from the Atlantic, opt for Pacific-raised or (even better) Alaskan. These places manage their cod stock much better. Otherwise, cod is safe.


Red Snapper

Red Snapper? More like Red Herring! Red Snapper is perhaps the most mislabeled fish out there. Sushi joints and other restaurants with a seafood bent commonly use Red Snapper in place of other fish. On top of this, the Red Snapper population is going down. To avoid this fraudulent fish, try ordering Atlantic Sea Bass.


Farmed Atlantic Salmon

The last, but certainly not least, is the Farmed Atlantic Salmon. This is certainly a fish you don't want going in your mouth due to its high levels of toxicity. These fish are stuffed with hormones, processed fatty diets, antibiotics and are raised in dirty conditions. This fish is better off your plate than on it.


Wild-caught fish is always your best bet. Because they're small, bony bait fish, Menhaden aren't what you would call "good eatin'". Which is a shame because they contain what we at PhysioTru call "The Missing Omega". Research has shown it to be the heart healthiest of the Omega-3 Fatty Acid family.




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