Don't Give Your Dog Any Of These 6 Toys

Don't Give Your Dog Any Of These 6 Toys
Buying a toy for your dog is perhaps one of the best things you can do for it. Playing with toys allows you to engage more with your dog and develop the relationship better other than bringing it food and giving it shelter. There are many toys to give to your dog, however, there are some toys that may be harmful to it. Here are six toys that you should never give your dog.

Stuffed Animals

A stuffed animal is a common go-to for dog toys, but a lot of stuffed animals aren't good for your dog, especially if it contains Poly-Fil stuffing. This is very bad for your dog if the dog manages to break apart the outer layer and reveal the stuffing, which it probably will if it plays rough. Poly-Fil can make a dog choke, so it's best to avoid these toys.

Certain Chew Toys

Certain chew toys that fall under the name chew bones should be avoided. While it's good for your dog to be able to chew the plaque off of their teeth, these specific plaque attackers aren't good for your dog because certain chew bones can fracture from being bit too hard by certain breeds. It's best to err on the side of caution and avoid these bones.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys may be the most common toy for your dog, but they aren't good for him. It's because of the small squeaking mechanism found inside of the toy that has the potential to get lodged in your dog's throat.

Bell Toys

There are also toys that have bells inside of them which also prevents a choking hazard to dogs, which is a very similar situation to the above mentioned squeaky toy. The dog will rip up the bell toy to try to get to the bell and may end up choking on it.

Latex Toys

Many dog toys are latex but they aren't necessarily good for your dog. This is because certain dog breeds can actually be allergic to latex, just like some people are allergic to it. Test and see if your dog could be allergic by visiting your local veterinarian.

Vinyl toys with Phthalate

Vinyl is another common ingredient found in harder or rubbery dog toys. These toys that have phthalate can be very harmful to your dog because of this ingredient makes toxic fumes.

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