Eye Drops That Replace Your Glasses?

Eye Drops That Replace Your Glasses?

A world without glasses? Could it be? With the help of the Food and Drug Administration, it might just be possible. The FDA has just approved a new eyedrop to assist individuals with age-related farsightedness. With the use of the newly eyedrops called Vuity, clearer vision is expected to last between six to ten hours. Here is what you need to know.

Vuity is the first FDA-approved drug for this condition that affects over 128 million Americans. Although Presbyopia tends to affect people that are over 40 years and older, the approval of Vuity can eliminate the need for reading glasses.

Dr. George Waring, who was the principal investigator for the clinical trial, predicts that the eye drops will be able to be tolerated by most individuals being that the only side effects during the clinical trial were headaches and red eyes. In the clinical trial, over 750 individuals participated with some even calling the drops “lifesavers”, according to CBS News reports. They were also able to read three or more lines on the reading chart after using the chart.

However, Vuity should still be used with caution.

According to the manufacturer, Vuity should be used in low-light situations. It is also less effective in people over age 65. They also work best in mild to intermediate cases of presbyopia.

While they are currently not covered by insurance plans, they are available for purchase. A 30-day-supply costs about $80. Experts, however, predict that they may never be covered by insurance plans due to their lack of being “medically necessary”. But the need for the drops has been agreed upon by doctors and industry experts. Glasses may be less costly. If you want to stop looking for your readers and help prevent your vision from deteriorating, however, the expense is worth it.

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