Forget What You've Been Told, Diabetics SHOULD Eat These For Breakfast

Forget What You've Been Told, Diabetics SHOULD Eat These For Breakfast

Contrary to popular belief, eggs do not increase the risk of heart disease in diabetics. It's quite the opposite actually, eggs are harmless and even encouraged. Here's Why.

Let's Talk Cholesterol

It's true that eggs are high in cholesterol, and since people with Type 2 diabetes "have higher levels of 'bad' low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol," according to researchers at the University of Sydney, the natural assumption is for diabetics to completely avoid them.

There were big health campaigns in the late 1970s specifically meant to sound the alarm that eggs automatically increase heart disease (especially diabetics). It's taken a lot of years to dig ourselves out of that myth, but the new data is now being reported and implemented.

The Study

The University of Sydney employed a team of researchers to clear up this dietary conflict. Frankly, the results were surprising to everyone. The posed question: Do eggs, in fact, increase cardiovascular disease?

After collecting data from people on a low-egg diet (consuming less than two eggs a week) and people on a high-egg diet (consuming up to 12 eggs per week,) the conclusion was that there was zero difference in cardiovascular risk.

Data was collected at the end of three months, six months, and 12 months among these pre-diabetics and diabetic individuals, and there was no change.

How Much Is Too Much?

Since we now know that individuals who are diabetic don't have to handle their egg intake differently than people who aren't, the numbers remain the same across the board for everyone, but yes, there is a cap.

The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition published that cap to be 12 eggs a week.

Just to reiterate, consuming 12 eggs a week is perfectly safe for us all.

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