Get Your Digestion Back After Antibiotics

Get Your Digestion Back After Antibiotics
Antibiotics may be good for a lot of things, but sometimes it can make digestion a little bit difficult to deal with after you've been on antibiotics. This is because there are many types of bacteria in your gut that help digestion, the good kind of bacteria. Here are ways to restore your digestive system and its accompanying gut bacteria.

Take Probiotics

It may seem intuitive, but taking probiotics can help get the bacteria forming in your gut again to help with digestion. Supplemental probiotics are available to take but they should be taken at a specific time after because the timing is important. Usually, take the probiotics two hours before or after you take the antibiotic. It's best to take it while you're taking the antibiotics so that your recovery will be better.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar generally isn't good for you but this is especially the case if you've been taking antibiotics. Even a little after you've finished the antibiotics, it's still good to avoid sugar. A specific type of harmful fungal growth candida albicans, which thrives on sugar.

Bone Broth

Eating bone broth can help after you've taken antibiotics to help build up the good bacteria up again. Bone broth can help rebuild the membranes in your gut torn up by the antibiotics.

Eating Your Vegetables

Everyone says to eat your vegetables is good for you, but this is especially the case after an antibiotic has swept your body clean of bacteria both good and bad. Certain vegetables can The microbes in your gut that help you digest food better react very well to vegetables.

Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is another good option to make sure that you feed the good bacteria in your gut so they can grow, multiply and get your gut back to good health. They can be found in cashews, green bananas, plantation flour, or in raw potato starch.

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