GREAT Sex After 50?

GREAT Sex After 50?

As we get older, many things become more strenuous to accomplish. One thing many people still want to have when they're older is great sex. Fortunately, those over the age of 50 can have this wish by following some important steps.

Work Out When You Can

For both men and women, it's important to exercise daily to keep those muscles working properly. One great way to keep things moving is taking a brisk walk through the park for 30 minutes daily. Those looking for something to do at home can turn to yoga. This form of exercise is beneficial towards keeping the heart and mind healthy. "Keeping your body fit and maintaining muscle mass helps improve sexual desire and stamina," said Dr. David Samadi.

Eat The Right Foods

When you're older, you have to carefully watch what you eat. Certain foods that were great 20 years ago can have a negative impact as you age. Fried food, sugary food, and pre-packaged food should be avoided at the next supermarket run. Bananas, broccoli, and seafood can make a positive impact for those over 50. When it comes to drinking, soda and alcohol can do more harm than good. Water has always been key for everyone's health. Aside from foods, supplements are a perfect addition to help keep the body running well. "Supplements in general are important to seniors, but you need to discuss what you’re taking with your doctor. In addition to the supplements, a gender- and age-specific multivitamin is important as well," said nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Pamela Peeke. Having proper food can help boost estrogen and testosterone levels.

Sit Down And Talk

One thing that seems to be missing nowadays is a nice chat. Having a deep conversation with your loved one can make the sex more intimate. It can also help strengthen the relationship, which always has its benefits.

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