Groundbreaking Needle-Free Diabetes Technology Has Been Developed

Groundbreaking Needle-Free Diabetes Technology Has Been Developed

For years, people suffering from diabetes have had to poke themselves with a needle just to keep their blood sugar levels in check. The invasive, uncomfortable, and painful procedure can be done multiple times a day, creating a hassle for diabetes patients. For the first time ever, there could be a needle-free option for diabetes patients.

This new technology could help patients monitor their blood sugar levels without needing to draw blood. Instead, the device would measure glucose in the interstitial fluid—the fluid just below the skin.

Old Technology Phased Out

The device was developed by Dr. Adelina Ilie and her team from the University of Bath. Dr. Ilie says there is more development to be done on the device, but prospects are looking good.

Dr. Ilie says the new technology, "has the potential to become the first needle-free approach—and that includes avoiding completely a finger-stick calibration—to monitor blood sugar levels over the course of a day."

Device Successfully Tested On Two Healthy Individuals

The device was tested on two healthy individuals and produced glucose results that closely matched levels within the blood. This could mean that the device could potentially be worn by individuals suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes on a regular basis.

Device Will Keep Diabetes Patients Feeling Safer And Happier

According to Ilie, "This finding is important, not only for type 1 diabetics, who absolutely need to monitor their (blood sugar) levels accurately and frequently every day, but also for the very large, and rapidly increasing, numbers of type 2 diabetics for whom a device such as ours would enable them to keep their blood sugar concentration within the ‘normal’ range in a very convenient, completely non-invasive, and user-friendly manner."

Diabetes affects over 422 million people worldwide, and the numbers of Type 2 diabetes are on a rapid rise. This new technology could keep a number of diabetes patients feeling safer and relieved.

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