Healthy Aging: 8 Things You MUST Do

Healthy Aging: 8 Things You MUST Do
50 years ago, getting old was simply a part of life. After a certain age, bodies would start to hurt and youthful radiance would fade. However, new technology and public health awareness have helped many fight the symptoms of aging. If you want to live pain-free in your later years, follow these eight tips for healthy, happy living.

General Wellness Tips

Stay hydrated. The FDA recommends people drink 64 ounces (eight cups) of water every day. This is important throughout life, but as you age your kidneys work less efficiently, making dehydration a serious problem. Drinking water throughout the day will prevent your skin, joints, and organs from deteriorating. Hydration will also help your skin look and feel younger. Manage stress and mental illness. Stress affects people throughout life, and can slowly turn from a mental problem to a physical one. Unmanaged stress can increase the risk of heart disease, and even affect the structure of our DNA. Find time for relaxing activities such as meditation, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones to revitalize your mental state. Get a good night's sleep. Sleep is essential for your body to repair cellular damage and give your brain the downtime it needs to reset. Sleep deprivation can increase blood pressure and risk of heart problems. Make sure you go to bed early and let your body rest when it asks for it.

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Eat fruits and veggies. If you nag your kids or grandkids to eat their veggies, you too must follow suit. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide your body with essential nutrients as well as natural antioxidants for healthy skin and organ function. Increase your protein intake. As you age, your muscle mass deteriorates. This means that after 40, muscles become weaker and your protein needs change. Adding more nuts, high protein yogurt, fish, legumes, and low-fat meats to your meals will help you feel strong and healthy. Add probiotics to your diet. As with your other organs, your gastrointestinal system deteriorates over time. To maintain a healthy gut, eat yogurt, kefir, and other probiotic-rich foods. Probiotics will also protect you from common colds and minor illnesses.

Healthy Lifestyle Advice

Exercise. Exercise is essential throughout life. As you get older, taking walks, biking, or doing gentle yoga or pilates will increase bone and muscle strength. It will also improve cardiovascular health while helping to manage pain and depression. Spend time outdoors. Getting outside and moving helps to improve your mood, but it can also help your physical health. The sun is your primary provider of Vitamin D, which the body needs to function properly.

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