Heart Attacks During Sex Are Often FATAL (here's why)

Heart Attacks During Sex Are Often FATAL (here's why)

A Strange Fatality

Not all the time are heart attacks fatal, however, they are most fatal during or right after sex according to some French studies. Often, this is the case because one of the partners is too ashamed to inform the emergency authorities and the heart attack victim is usually not attended to in time. Crucial minutes are spent in which the victim isn't attended to, resulting in death. A study composed by Dr Ardalan Sharifzadehgan, confirmed that one in eight victims of a heart attack during sex survived. He pulled from a study of 3028 heart attack victims, 17 of these victims were having sex when their heart stopped. Victims' partners are delayed and the delay in reaching out to the health department or emergency services proves fatal.


In this study,Dr Ardalan Sharifzadehgan goes on to explain there are several causes for the delay that only a sexual partner would make. In an intimate situation like this, there is an intial shock. One moment your partner is making love and the next he or she has stopped breathing. The partner is too shocked to respond. There is also the embarrassment aspect of the sudden heart attack during sex. If the partner wanted to call on the neighbors, they would feel too embarrassed and may not want to explain the situation, given its intimate nature.

Do Your Best and Prevent A Death

Heart attacks always come as a surprise but that doesn't mean you can let it become a fatal mistake. The study went on to say that immediate CPR may change the course of the situation so that the time waiting for the ambulance to arrive, assuming one was called, will drastically increase the chances of survival. Even if it's three or so minutes, it's still can save a life.

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