Here is How Your Vagina Changes as You Age

vagina after aging

If you are above 40 years of age and sex has started to feel different, or there’s a sensation which you can’t quite figure out down there – there is nothing to be worried about. Aging is a natural process – and just like the rest of your body, your vagina also changes with age. In fact, you might not notice it, but your vagina is among the parts of the body that shows the first few very obvious signs of aging.

However, before you are surprised, it is essential to be aware of how your vagina might transform over time so you can be better equipped to take care of it. So without further, here are 3 ways your vagina will change as you age: 

Signs of Aging your Vagina will Show You

1. Low Lubrication

Your vagina is a self-lubricating machine, and while we are still young, there is no problem with the vagina becoming lubricated enough when need be. However, as we age, especially after menopause, the female body goes through hormonal changes – such as the drop in estrogen levels. This leaves your vaginal area, especially the most sensitive tissues, completely dry. So if you are experiencing uncomfortable or painful sex, there is nothing to be worried you might just need some external source of lubrication to get you going!

2. Less Pubic Hair

Now, this might come as good news because as we age, the quantity and thickness of the hair down there reduces drastically. Just like how the hair on our scalp starts thinning with age, the hair around the vagina is also reduced – because the testosterone hormone promotes hair loss and reduces the hair growth cycle.

3. Looser Labia

The vagina Is known to be a tight muscle, but as we age, the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin causes the labia – which once kept the vaginal area taught, to become looser. So your hair is not the only place where you will experience saggy skin; the labia start sagging before that.

Final Word

There is no doubt that your vagina will change over time with age; hence, if you are experiencing the signs mentioned above of aging down there, you must not worry. However, it is important to understand that changes also come with the need for extra care, so do not neglect your vagina during the aging process.

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