Kill Your Diet Soda Addiction (here's how)

Kill Your Diet Soda Addiction (here's how)
Soda addiction is a silent killer. Curbing the amount of soda consumption is something that needs to be done at all costs. While society gives the impression that diet soda is an improvement from regular soda, sugar is the killer found in both. Here is how to kill your diet soda addiction.

Sugar Detox in Your Journey

What led you to the diet soda, to begin with, was the sugar. Start looking for a healthy alternative. If you are looking for energy, look for a tea or coffee that will give you the same effect that diet soda will give you. Make sure to avoid other sugar alternatives such as energy drinks or other carbonated soda drinks. Search for energy in fruits and vegetables that will carry protein. Try implementing changes in your diet that will slowly start seeing a decrease in your urge to for a diet soda. By making smaller changes in your meal plan, your mind will find it easier to adapt and equally have more energy.

Inner Care Through Your Journey

Taking care of your inner wellness also assists in the process of detoxing yourself. Adding probiotics and seltzers will make sure your body is not only free of addictions but is clean of any yeast or growth in the intestinal tract. With an influx of diet soda, the body can not only see digestive trouble but also see physical symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, mild depression, and fatigue. Being on the move through physical activity daily remains important in your attempt to stop your cravings. While studies show that it may take 7 to 10 day days to stop a soda addiction, the long-term result is worth the small action steps that are needed.

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