Lose Your Teeth, Lose Your Memory

Lose Your Teeth, Lose Your Memory

Take Care of Your Teeth

Dental health is the most stressed, though often the most overlooked, health regime people need to pay more attention to in their lives. Many dental problems are not only associated with the teeth themselves, they are often indicators of much more serious health conditions. A University College London study tested the teeth of 3100 senior-aged adults, typically around 60 years old, reported to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 


The study suggests that teeth health have a correlation to the mental faculties and physical capabilities of an aging individual. In the research, the seniors who still had their original teeth and that were for the most part in good condition performed well in mental and physical activities. In their own respective ways, those without the natural teeth performed 10% worse than those who had their natural teeth. This finding alludes that unhealthy teeth at a younger age can lead to more than just a need for dentures, it can lead to quicker mental and physical deterioration.

Another Odd Correlation

Interestingly, the article also went on to suggest that not only does the physical health of the teeth affect elderly health but also socioeconomic health factors in. One of the authors of the study, Dr. Tsakos, implies that lack of education and funds can lead to poor dental health which can cause damage both temporarily and in a person’s older life.


Dental health is a concern for everyone, however, it’s important to keep people educated on how to properly take care of their teeth so as to avoid detrimental problems in the future. Teeth are indicators of good health and communities that strive for dental education and proper funding for dental care are more likely to have a much healthier senior population.

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