Lungs and A Healthy Immune System

Lungs and A Healthy Immune System
Lungs are a major element in keeping your body going throughout the day. They help bring in oxygen, which gets transported through the body by your blood. While it may not be known to many, these organs have a strong connection with the immune system.

Best Line Of Defense

The lungs come equipped with some hidden parts working together for your health. To combat particles, lungs send out white blood cells called macrophages. These cells also take care of viruses and parasites. While it can be hazardous to have hair in your lungs, these organs come equipped with their own strands. Much like macrophages, these small hairs take down any debris located in the lungs. The final thing making your immune system running smoothly are epithelial cells. These cells clean your airwaves through the power of mucus.

Getting High-Quality Lungs

To keep your lungs at their best, you'll have to take care of them. While people enjoy drinking juices and soda, it's always important to fill up on water. Eight glasses of water per day combat dehydration along with providing mucus. For smokers, keeping their lungs clean is a struggle. Enough smoking can lead to diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema. While it might be tough to quit, cutting down on the daily cigarette intake can increase your lungs' stability.

Taking Enough Vitamins

One thing many people don't keep tabs on is their daily vitamin intake. For clear lungs, you'll need a heavy dose of vitamin A. This is normally found in foods such as liver, salmon, and hard-boiled eggs. Whether you take supplements or ditch the cigarettes, having clean lungs are more beneficial than you thought. Through their abilities, they'll help your immune system take on whatever hazards come their way.

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