Marriage Could Be A Key Factor In Lowering Heart Attack Risk

Marriage Could Be A Key Factor In Lowering Heart Attack Risk

Heart attacks can be deadly, and several factors can lead to increased risk, but marriage may be an easy way to lower your risk and live longer. While the mechanism behind the theory isn’t understood, studies have shown married people are less likely to have a heart attack and lower chances of death associated with cardiovascular disease.

Spousal Support

One possible reason for the decrease in risk is that married people have someone to notice signs and symptoms. People tend to shrug off pain and discomfort unless it’s happening to someone they love.

A spouse sees their partner in pain or notices little signs and symptoms that seem inconsequential to the sufferer, but worrisome for the spouse. A person is also more likely to go to a doctor or emergency room if they are supported by their spouse.

Caring For Their Well Being

When a person is married and in love, they want to be the best they can. They’ll be more likely to follow a doctor’s orders, exercise, and follow a healthy diet if they have someone to live for.

The thought of leaving their spouse behind to pick up the pieces after death isn’t something people want to happen. It’s a big motivator to keep healthy and take their prescribed medicines. They're more likely to exercise and go to the doctor in order to have a long and full life.

A Life Partner

People tend to follow exercise and diet regimens if they have someone to do it with them. When a spouse follows the same rules and habits as the other, they are held accountable for their actions.

It’s much easier to follow a diet if the person they live with isn’t chowing down on ice cream and cake. Following the same regimens and, providing encouragement when they slip, can be a tremendous benefit for people and turn a habit into a lifestyle change.

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