More Examples of Big Food’s GREED

More Examples of Big Food’s GREED
The Food and Drug Administration, or the F.D.A., is the agency in the United States of America that is in charge of regulating public health by controlling food safety. In other words: they are in charge of what vendors are allowed to stock on the shelves for consumers to purchase. They regulate and control industries such as tobacco, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals among many others. Each country has a supervising agency but depending on what is legal or illegal in a particular area, the laws can differ from country to country. Europe is known to be more strict about products and takes precautionary measurements when introducing them to the public. If there is suspicion that it may be harmful it immediately gets pulled from the shelves. In the U.S.A. it's different: strong evidence against the products that clearly show the dangers it can cause must be shown before any action is taken. What is the reason the F.D.A. is more lax than other countries in allowing foods that are banned elsewhere to stay legal and on our shelves? The answer is complex. It has to do with the influence the large multinational food and beverage companies have. The U.S.A. is a big market and these giant companies have a lot of money which they use to lobby against banning their products, for example. Even if the data shows the products are harmful for the public to consume they use their funds, power, and influence to keep their products on the shelves and therefore continuing to make a profit. A few of the products that are allowed in the U.S.A. but banned elsewhere are: sodas and processed foods high in a dye made of petroleum and crude oil which has been linked to causing cancer. High content fat foods that fill the snack aisles of the grocery stores are also detrimental to our health. The legal drug ractopamine, which is used in the beef and pork industries, has been shown to cause us asthma. And another popular ingredient in breads, potassium bromate, can also cause cancer. These products and so many more are still left on our shelves despite illness, in the forms of obesity and heart disease, becoming a serious health issue.

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