Natural Blood Pressure Therapies (no drugs)

Natural Blood Pressure Therapies (no drugs)

Many people have a rough time lowering their blood pressure. If one's blood pressure is high enough, one can wind up having a stroke or a heart attack. Those looking for a way to have normal blood pressure can try these helpful things.


Meditation can do more than lower blood pressure. This calming practice can reduce stress, increase your attention span, and improve sleep. The great thing about meditation is you can do it just about anywhere. Whether you're at home alone or in a packed room, meditation is a beloved exercise.


You might not hear much about aromatherapy, but many individuals turn to this healing treatment daily. Fortunately, there's more than one way to get aromatherapy in your routine. The most popular form of aromatherapy involves inhaling oils via sprays or oil droplets. Other people use steam baths to get their fix. Aside from dropping blood pressure, aromatherapy can reduce pain and increase one's mood.


A grand amount of potassium can aid in reducing blood pressure. One of the most popular foods filled with potassium is bananas. Foods such as spinach, fish, and potatoes are also rich in this important mineral. Potassium can also keep your heartbeat in check, and it helps reduce water retention.


Water is extremely vital in every living being. Most people, unfortunately, don't drink the daily recommended eight glasses. This leads to dehydration, which has a major negative impact on high blood pressure. If you're looking to keep your body healthy, water is the way to go.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the most surprising aid in lowering blood pressure. The sweet treat is filled with antioxidants, which get rid of toxins. The perfect dark chocolate to consume must have at least 70% of cocoa content. Eating two squares of dark chocolate daily will do the trick.

* Never stop taking R/X medication without your doctor's permission.

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