Never Ignore Nail Fungus

Never Ignore Nail Fungus

Nail fungus may not seem that terrible of a problem most of the time, or a small an inconvenience at others. As gross as it is, it isn't lung cancer or something equally lethal. Other than being unsightly to look at, nail fungus doesn't seem like that big of a deal. However, Peter Joseph, a podiatrist, says neglecting nail fungus can cause some serious problems.


It might be obvious that neglecting toenail fungus can lead to pain in the foot, but sometimes that pain can be pretty bad if left unchecked. The pain comes from the flesh becoming mishappen and thick. It's not pretty to look at and it's even more painful. Wearing shoes will be incredibly uncomfortable, needless to say, along with any activity that requires tactile contact with the infected foot. Don't let this be you.

It Can Spread

Like any other infection, a fungal infection can spread to the rest of the foot and you do not want that happening. This leads to Athlete's Foot, a very itchy and uncomfortable experience. Avoid wearing footwear longer than you have to. Not only can it spread to the other parts of the foot but it can spread all the way up your body. Make sure to keep your feet aired out regularly and avoid this.

Bodily Infection

As mentioned above, a toenail infection can spread to the other areas of the body in widespread infection. This is especially problematic for people suffering from diabetes or weak immune systems. Toenail infections often lead to cracked skin, which leads to bacterial infections that lead to even more complications other than an itchy foot. It can get bad enough that it leads to cellulitis, an itchy condition that produces swollen, red skin. This isn't something you'd want, probably.

Toenail Loss

Toenail fungus can make you lose your toenail if it goes unchecked. While this isn't necessarily painful most of the time after the nail has popped off, the process of the nail being removed from the skin can be a particularly painful one. Not to mention the exposed, sensitive flesh beneath the nail will be exposed afterward.


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