Places Where You're MOST Likely To Contract Coronavirus

Places Where You're MOST Likely To Contract Coronavirus
The coronavirus epidemic has changed how many of us live our lives today. When it comes to contracting it, many people are afraid of everything around them. If you're in fear about potentially catching this virus, be cautious around these five places.

Using The Restroom

It's no secret that public restrooms are often littered with germs. Most of these germs find themselves latched onto common objects such as door handles and faucets. If you're forced to leave the house, make sure to use the bathroom before you exit.

Public Transportation Blues

Despite urges to stay indoors, many people need to traverse on public transportation. Many individuals are essential workers while others are stocking up on food for the week. With so many people on the bus, it can be easy to catch a multitude of viruses. It's also hard for bus drivers to contaminate their vehicles on such a tight schedule.

The Doctor Is In?

People going to the hospital run a higher risk of catching coronavirus. Endless sick people find themselves traversing through the area every single day. Only head to the hospital if it's a serious emergency. The last thing you'd want is to leave with a bigger problem on your hands.

In Line At The Supermarket

While the coronavirus is out there, people still need to pick up groceries. Many supermarkets require people to wear a facemask when shopping. This doesn't stop certain people from removing the mask for a phone conversation, though. Before shopping, make sure the cart or basket you're using has been sanitized.

Life's A Beach

One of the biggest areas of concern with coronavirus is the beach. With summer hitting us, people are looking to get some time in the sun. Some beaches, however, are refusing to open due to the potential spreading of coronavirus. If your beach is open, be sure to stay at least six feet away from everyone.

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