Precisely HOW Do Humans Contract COVID-19?

Precisely HOW Do Humans Contract COVID-19?
As we near the six-month mark battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve finally learned how you’re most likely to catch the virus. While there has been a lot of debate on this topic over the last few months, research has been able to pinpoint the most common culprits. We’ll go over everything you need to know about how people contract COVIID-19.

What We Know

Originally, it was thought that you could catch COVID-19 by touching things like groceries and packages. Luckily, new research shows there is only a slim chance of this happening. More often, COVID-19 spreads from person to person while in close contact through respiratory droplets. Stay at home orders and massive shuts downs worldwide helped to keep millions of people from getting sick and hospitalized. As the world begins to reopen, more people will be working, talking, and standing close to one another. There is more potential to spread the virus through the respiratory tract.

Respiratory Droplets and Wearing a Mask

The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to primarily spread through respiratory droplets according to the CDC. When someone is infected with COVID-19 and they sneeze, talk, or cough, tiny droplets get sprayed into the air. If someone is standing within six feet of them, they can potentially breathe in these droplets and become infected. Wearing a mask helps keep the virus from spreading. When out in public or interacting with people in close spaces, wearing a mask helps to keep those droplets from entering your mouth or nose.

The Importance of Social Distancing

Social distancing means staying physically apart from other people outside of your household. As the world opens up, running errands, picking up meals, and getting groceries, are all essential trips. According to the World Health Organization, while doing so is completely safe, use certain precautions including social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask. Remember when interacting with friends and family outside of your home, to stay three feet apart when speaking. Tiny droplets can transfer from their mouth to yours spreading the virus. It is also believed that the virus is most contagious before people feel symptoms. Wear a mask whenever social distancing isn’t possible and keep up with thorough hand washing to keep you and those around you safe.

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