Protect Your Dog From Heart Disease

Protect Your Dog From Heart Disease
Many of us treasure our dogs as another member of our family and we want them to lead fulfilling and long lives by our sides. For this to happen, however, we have to pay attention to both the quality of their daily life and their medical needs. When most people consider canine health, they think about everything from dental care and joint sustenance to their gastrointestinal health. Unfortunately, many pet owners don't realize that their dog's heart health should be considered along with any of these other issues. Below are some tips that can help you protect your dog's heart and improve the quality of the time they're with us.

How Canine Heart Health Is Different

As you consider your dog's heart health, keep in mind is that heart disease in dogs looks different than in humans. While humans may experience problems with blocked arteries, canines may experience heart failure as they age and their heart muscles weaken. A qualified veterinarian can help you identify if this is happening in your dog, so regular vet visits become more important with time.

Ways To Keep Your Dog's Heart Healthy

As a first step to keeping your dog's heart in top form, pay attention to what you're feeding them. As your vet about some supplements that may support cardiovascular function. Also, be aware that, if you're considering a grain-free diet, some of their ingredients can be a problem for heart health. These include ones that have potatoes, lentils, peas, and legumes as main ingredients. Along with looking at your pet's nutrition, you'll want to be sure they maintain their weight at the right level and have the chance to get plenty of exercise. Lastly, you'll want to keep on top of heartworm issues with a monthly pill and be sure to keep any signs of dental disease in check so that harmful bacteria don't enter their bloodstream and compromise their heart function. Once you're paying attention to all of these areas you've taken the first important steps towards helping your dog's heart stay healthy. Your pet will thank you, as they live their best life with top heart health that keeps them comfortable and happy.

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