Puffy Feet and Other Weird Signs Of Heart Disease

Puffy Feet and Other Weird Signs Of Heart Disease
There are a lot of signs indicative of heart disease. Learn to spot them in order to take preemptive measures to avert the crisis before it happens. Though some of them are pretty common and may not actually be related to heart disease in your case, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Swelling Feet

Swelling feet can be an indication that you may have heart disease. Noting that this is a sign and not a symptom, this can make it easier to catch the heart disease before it actually starts happening. This can lead to proactive measures to contain it. Puffy feet are a sign of heart failure because when the blood doesn't pump properly to the brain, the extremities, such as hands and feet, tend to swell.

Baldness In Males

Male baldness is another sign of heart disease. This is because studies have shown that a loss of hair in the crown area of the head is linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. While baldness affects many men, baldness as an indicator of heart disease is especially common in older men.


Xanthomas are yellow deposits of fat below the skin, and they are highly likely indicators of something more serious -- like a form of heart disease. These usually form around the hands, knees, or elbows. Since they are fat deposits in the skin this means that there are dangerously high amounts of fat in the blood. Fat in the blood is often an indicator of some form of heart disease.

Gum Disease

The condition of your gums can also be an indication that there is some heart issues going on. Bleeding, sore, or swollen gums are all signs of bad dental health and possibly a heart in poor condition as well. This is because the gums and the heart are indicators of circulatory problems, which in some cases lead to poor heart health.

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