Seven Ways to Make Your Tinnitus Worse

Seven Ways to Make Your Tinnitus Worse
Tinnitus. That strange ringing in your ears that seems benign for what little pain and annoyance comes from it. It may not seem like a terrible thing, but there are certainly ways to make it worse. Here are seven of them.

Exposure to Dins

Now, it might be intuitive that you shouldn't be around loud noises when you have tinnitus. So, steer clear of death metal concerts, loud machinery, or anything that makes a loud noise.


You heard that right. Some of your medication could be making your tinnitus worse. Medication ranging from anti-depressants to antibiotics could be the cause of tinnitus. Check with your doctor to see if this is a side-effect.


Yes, being in a stressful situation or having a stressful lifestyle can be the cause of the ear-ringing nuisance. It can even turn up the tinnitus volume the more stress you're under. Take a breather, meditate, or get a massage to alleviate your tinnitus.


A buildup of wax in your ears can cause the ringing often associated with tinnitus. In worse scenarios, wax buildup can progress into hearing loss. Better get that checked by your doctor to make sure things don't get out of hand. Just make sure you don't do it yourself.

An Infection

Some bodily infections have tinnitus as a side-effect, like the flu or a cold. Fortunately, tinnitus associated with infection doesn't seem to last that long. However, if the ringing persists, go to your doctor to see if something worse has developed as a result of the infection.

High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure can cause the ringing in the ears. Conversely, low pressure can cause this too. Any extreme blood pressure level leads to tinnitus or can be a reason why you have tinnitus. Check with your doctor.


As bad as migraines are, they may be the cause of your tinnitus. Migraines usually cause tinnitus because of the high stress your body is going through to deal with a migraine. Find a way to relieve a migraine first to make the tinnitus go away.

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