STOP the 3am Trips to the Bathroom

STOP the 3am Trips to the Bathroom
One thing that can have a major effect on your sleep is your bladder. With a full bladder, you'll be making some unwanted trips to the bathroom late at night. If you're looking to stop this behavior, these tips will make your sleep more pleasant.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed

There's nothing wrong with having a nice soda or beer following a long day at the office. Unfortunately, having either of these beverages can have a major impact on your bladder. Alcohol can cause the bladder to swell, which can lead to bigger problems than a late-night bathroom break. Caffeine will cause you to frequently use the bathroom.

Have some yogurt

Yogurt can do wonderful things for your body, including halting your bladder. The ingredients in yogurt help your urinary tract gain some good bacteria, which can also help block some infections. You'll only need to consume one or two bowls of yogurt daily for the best results.

Lose some weight

The bladder can overreact if it's under pressure due to a massive amount of weight. Too much weight can cause severe muscle and nerve damage to the region. It can also lead to bladder leakage, which often occurs during normal activities. Working out can help ease your bladder when you get some rest. It's also healthy for you in the long run.

Make the bathroom trip before you sleep

Unless you fall asleep in front of the TV, you're bound to use the bathroom before calling it a night. Doing this will make sure you won't have to use it again until you properly wake up the next day.

Try switching medication times

Certain medications can cause people to rush to the bathroom at 3 a.m. Have a chat with your doctor when it comes to potentially switching medication times. Doing so without their guidance can lead to an unwanted medical reaction. {{CODEhref_2035}} {{CODEtrackinglink_2035}}

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