Sugary Food REDUCES Heart Attack Risk?

Sugary Food REDUCES Heart Attack Risk?

When it comes to sugary foods, many people try avoiding them when they can. These foods have the tendency to cause weight gain, increase depression, and drain energy. Fortunately, one particular sugary food has the surprising ability to reduce heart attacks.

Honey Is The Answer

Honey has what it takes to keep your heart healthy. Aside from taking down heart attacks, the food substance can do much more for your body. Honey can help suppress coughs, prevent memory loss, and relieve diarrhea. While honey in bottles is seen everywhere in stores, the best kind is the natural kind. “The clearer the honey, the more processed it is. Raw honey seems to be the better choice. It’s likely to have some pollen and more enzymes because it’s not treated with heat. Pollen may have beneficial properties. But pollen does make honey look foggier," dietitian Mira Ilic said.

How To Use It

Honey can be used to make certain food taste much sweeter. When it comes to drinks, you can mix honey with hot beverages for some extra flavor. You can also use it to glaze meats for a delicious dinner. You can also pair honey with other treats such as yogurts and pretzels.

Keep It Low, Though

While honey can help the heart, having too much is still bad for you. Be sure to have small doses to prevent any sort of issues. "Added sugars in the diet are definitely something that people should keep low, regardless of the source. Holistically speaking, I would not say consuming large amounts of added sugars – whether it be from honey, sugar, maple syrup or corn syrup – is a good thing," said Maya Vadiveloo, assistant professor of nutrition and health sciences in the College of Health Science at the University of Rhode Island. On average, people should use between six to nine teaspoons of honey per day.

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