Swap These 2 Foods And Live Longer

Swap These 2 Foods And Live Longer
When it comes to food, many people try to eat right to live a better life. Unfortunately, many of them take the wrong steps with having the most nutritious meal. One study determines that changing meat with vegetables can help people live longer.

A Long Study

Jiaqi Huang, who is a postdoctoral fellow at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, wanted to see the effects of exchanging meat with vegetables. Along with their team, Huang conducted a study with data spanning between 1995 and 2011. Through this massive study, they looked at 416,000 adults (237,000 men and 179,000 women). During this study, participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their meals.

Cutting Down The Risk

By switching meat with vegetables, individuals were able to reduce the risk of early death by 10 percent. This is done through daily energy intake, which can make or break a person's overall well-being. "Our data provide evidence to support the favorable role for plant-based diets in the prevention of cardiovascular disease mortality, and that modifications in choices of protein sources may influence health outcomes and longevity," researcher Dr. Demetrius Albanes said in the study.

Meat Is Still Important

For some, lowering their meat intake can be a tough task. Aside from protein, meat offers a slew of important nutrients choline and vitamin A. Fortunately, meat can still be involved but not on a constant basis. "My take on the study, and what I would tell clients, is that evidence continues to grow to support the importance of consuming more plant foods and less animal foods, while also boosting vegetable, whole grain and fruit intake. We can enjoy our favorite, heavy egg or meat dish but probably not every day, and preferably in balance with lots of plant foods," former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Connie Diekman said.

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