The BIGGER You Poop, The Better?

The BIGGER You Poop, The Better?
Have you ever wondered what your poo could tell you about your health? According to research conducted by the University of Bristol, the size, shape, and consistency of your bowel movements matter. Not only that, but your stool can also tell you if your suffering from an illness or if your diet is insufficient. Read on to learn more about the dirty truth that the bigger you poop, the better.

Down And Dirty

Over 20 years ago, scientists at the University of Bristol wrote a study about the benefits of bowls movements in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology. Surprisingly, the researchers even created their own Bristol Stool Chart that scores your stool on a scale of one to seven in order to determine the overall health of your digestive tract. The principal factors that impacted a stool's score were size, shape, and consistency. Researched showed that the healthiest stool samples were long, smooth, and soft.

Diet Matters

Which country has the healthiest poop? Scientists conducted another survey that analyzed the sizes of stools from eight international countries. While the largest stool samples came from Tonga, India, and Japan, the smallest stool samples came from America, the U.K., and South Africa. Since larger poos are a sign of a healthy digestive tract, that means that the bigger, the better. Researchers reported that Tonga, India, and Japan had the healthiest bowel movements due to their focus on plant-based diets.

What Your Poo Says About You

If you're curious about what your poo says about you, just take a look at its consistency. For example, bowel movements that have lumps and cracks show that you might be constipated, or that your digestive system is functioning very slowly. Also, stool that resembles diarrhea can tell you that your digestive system is processing food too quickly.

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