The Heart Attack Prevention Bedtime

The Heart Attack Prevention Bedtime

Heart disease is an ever-present problem. With people being as stressed as ever, there needs to be the mental focus and rest to prevent a heart attack at all. "Is there an ideal time to go to bed every night if you want to dodge heart disease?" asked Newsmax. And there is. Here is what they found. The publication reported that the best time to go to sleep to prevent heart disease or attack is between 10 and 11 pm. That is the ideal time to get full rest and optimize the cardiovascular system. On the opposite spectrum, sleeping before 10 pm or after 11 pm can raise the risk for heart disease by nearly 25%.

The change in risk is found by studying the circadian rhythm of the heart. Is everyone able to sleep at this time though? How much of a risk is it to go outside these hours? According to David Plans, senior lecturer in organizational neuroscience at the University of Exeter, in England, it is a must. "The circadian system controls daily behavioral and physiological rhythms," he said. "Disruption to the circadian rhythm has wide-ranging implications, resulting in poorer cognitive performance and increased risk for various physical and mental health conditions, including cardiovascular disorder."

The brain is the focus of the circadian rhythm. With exposure to light, sound, or outside factors, the circadian rhythm gets exposed to outside factors that prevent proper rest. "When this morning light is detected, the clock is recalibrated. Therefore, if a person goes to sleep very late, they might oversleep and miss this critical period of morning light," he added. "If this occurs over an extended period of time, the circadian rhythm will become disrupted. As a result, there will be effects on other behavioral and physiological rhythms, which can be detrimental to health."

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